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These are the stories from our journeys, about the people, the food, the adventures. Our words will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and do something you’ve never done before. Encourage you to take control and make the necessary changes to bring about a life truly lived. Thank you for checking us out.

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We’re Mark and Kylee, two Canadians who sold everything we owned and bought a one way ticket into the unknown. For ten years we've tried unsuccessfully to quench our insatiable thirst for travel. But we've reached the tipping point, the time has come to commit. To join the ranks of the nomads and vagabonds, as they wander the backstreets and mountain peaks this great planet has to offer.

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  • Photo Essay: The Colours of Oaxaca

    Photo Essay: The Colours of Oaxaca

    Yellow and Blue A pretty standard-issue paint job in central Oaxaca. The contrast of blue and yellow is one of my favourite combinations on earth. I can’t get enough of this building.   Accidental Street Art North of the city centre, near the apartment we lived in, was this seemingly forgotten truck. We passed this scene almost daily whether we …
  • Driving in Romania

    Driving in Romania

    Taking the reigns and driving ourselves is a rarity during our travels. Aside from the odd scooter rental in Asia or Latin America, we stick to more traditional travel methods. …
  • An Unexpected Jordanian Feast in Romania

    An Unexpected Jordanian Feast in Romania

    For the first time in nearly a year, we could see our breath. The weather was changing quickly and it was a cold morning as we walked to the bus …
  • 25 Practical Travel Gifts for Under 50 Dollars

    25 Practical Travel Gifts for Under 50 Dollars

    Snow has officially begun to fall here in Moldova, which clearly signifies one thing: the temperature in the air is cold enough to turn air moisture into crystalized flakes… It …
  • The Liebster Award

    The Liebster Award

    So, by some wonderful stroke of awesome, we received three nominations for the Liebster Blogging Award in one week! How flattered we are to be thought of that much for …

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