We're Kylee and Mark, two former chefs, who have been travelling and eating our way around the world together for over eleven years.

After meeting in Culinary school, we wasted little time before planning our first overseas adventure together. In 2007, we spent six months backpacking through Southeast Asia followed by another six months, living in a car, while crossing Australia.

Since then, we’ve travelled to nearly 40 countries across 6 continents.

Two people standing at the base of a palm tree with clouds and mountains in the background.

We are advocates of slow travel. Taking the time to absorb in our surroundings. Connecting with the culture through the universal languages of food, music, and laughter.

It’s often the lesser-visited destinations that draw us in. Not out of some hipster, travel-snob sort of way, but out of curiosity for the unknown.

From the pristine beaches of El Salvador, to the dense jungles of Colombia, and the dramatic mountains of Romania. We hope to encourage you to go somewhere different, to seek out strange and unfamiliar experiences.

We travel for taste, to eat something new and unusual; to study the ingredients, learn the techniques and bring them with us - to share the recipes with you. Then there’s the weird food; the peculiar and the bizarre. Fermented shark in Iceland, live squid in Korea, or camel confit in Morocco — there are few things we won’t try.

When things get bumpy, and they often do when stepping into the unknown, we always try to keep smiling.

Because life is too short and far too precious to take yourself seriously all the time.

Two people standing in an alley that is completely painted blue.

Our goal is to inspire others, who may be where we once were, unsure of the possibilities this world has to offer.

We want to provide you with everything you need to make your own adventure. To serve as a resource with our guides or inspiration in our narratives. To help those with the desire to travel and experience the world. Or at the very least, those interested in learning how to cook some of the often strange and unusual cuisines from around the globe.

On top of all that, we want to encourage the rest of you, who might not be in a position to take on this type of travel. Hopefully our stories and experiences can embolden you to make even the simplest change in your life to help make the most of what you’ve been given.

The world is our home — the collective our. It’s here for us all, begging to be discovered. The experiences it has to offer are endless, and though we'll never be able to take part in it all, we give it our best shot.

The food, people, and cultures, the cities and jungles, beaches and peaks. It is for every reason, and none at all. For the strange feeling of home, in the familiar unknown, these foreign roads we roam.

Your life is your life, don’t let it be clubbed into dank submission.Charles Bukowski