Airport Life

Hey there! Thanks for checking us out! We’re Kylee and Mark, a Canadian couple, both former chefs, who have been travelling and eating our way around the world together for over ten years. Occasionally we’d be gone for many weeks or months, our first adventure was a full year, yet we’d always manage to find our way home.

Over time, splitting up our journeys with feeble attempts at following societies expectations, we bought a house, changed careers, and generally did our best to follow the status quo.

But no matter what we tried, the itch never went away. Like an opiate, travel was in our veins. There was no escaping the inevitable. It was time to make a choice.

Time to Commit

Although challenging, it wasn't a difficult decision to make; we’ve sold nearly everything we own, including our house, and have hit the road for an unforeseen period of time. Call it what you will: a sabbatical, a leave of absence, an early-mid-life crisis. Whatever you label it as, it’s simply taking control of our lives, stepping outside the ‘normal’ and getting on with living the lives we are fortunate enough to have.

This Website

This blog will serve as a chronicle of not only our journey itself, but of the food we encounter along the way. As we've learned in both the kitchen and on the road, food is a universal language. It will also serve as a resource, for those who were once in our shoes, wanting to travel the world. Or at the very least, those interested in learning how to cook some of the often strange and unusual cuisines from around the globe.

This website isn't geared to any age group or demographic, the stories we tell will be real, and occasionally may not be pretty. The truth of reality doesn't come with an age limit. Our goal is not only to share our story with the world, but to encourage other people who may be where we once were, scared or unsure of the possibilities this world has to offer.

Finally, on top of all that, we want to encourage those who might not be in a position to take on this type of travel, hopefully this blog can inspire them to make even the simplest change in their lives to help them make the most with what they are given. Taking some advice from Chuck Bukowski: This is my life, and I will not let it be clubbed into dank submission.

These Foreign Roads

The world is our home, the experiences it has to offer are endless, and though we'll never be able to take part in it all, we'll give it our best shot. The food, people, and cultures, the cities and jungles, beaches and peaks. It is for every reason, and none at all. For the strange feeling of home, in the familiar unknown, These Foreign Roads we roam.

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