The Juayua Food Festival in El Salvador

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Juayua is a small village on the Ruta de la Flores in El Salvador, a popular tourist route consisting of several small villages in the cool highlands of the Northwestern edge of the country. Aside from the main pull with backpackers of the hikes to surrounding waterfalls in the area, our reason for visiting Juayua was much more specific.

Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

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*BANG* What the hell was that… a gunshot? No, it was more of a thud than a crack. It sounded more like a firework, but it’s only nine-thirty in the morning. Wait, there’s a small cloud of white smoke up there. Yeah, someone just fired off a Monday morning firework. This was our introduction to one of the biggest festivals in not only Oaxaca, but most of Central and Southern Mexico as well: Dia de los Muertos, the Day of …

Menningarnott: How Iceland Celebrates Iceland

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Mennigarnott: How Iceland celebrates Iceland. After an earlier than usual rise, I step onto the patio to enjoy the cool air with my morning coffee. Looking down, the first thing I notice is a pale blue door in it’s frame standing square in the middle of the road. Further down is another, this one yellow, then another on the sidewalk whose colour I can’t make out from where I stand. Even stranger is the guy laying flat on the concrete …

Halloween in Holland

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I make an ugly woman. November first, Eindhoven, Netherlands. It’s Friday afternoon, the day after Halloween, and we’re pinching pennies in a tiny little costume shop near downtown. Although Halloween traditionally isn’t celebrated in this part of the world, there is a fairly strong expat community here that still throws down. We’re taking the week to relax after a few weeks of fairly busy travel, staying with Kylee’s sister Kristy, and her boyfriend Aren, who is currently living here for …

Christmas in the Barossa Valley

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Fourteen thousand kilometres from home, in the spectacular Barossa Valley in South Australia,we celebrate a very unique Christmas in wine country. Wine Country Fresh off the Nullarbor, we waste no time making our way into our highly anticipated next destination. The Barossa Valley is one of Australias best wine regions, home to some of the best Shiraz in the country. We fell in love with this little area immediately upon arrival. What stands out above all else, is that there …