Where to Eat in Ostrava, Czechia

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During our time in Ostrava, a town in the eastern Czech Republic, we were fortunate enough to really dig into the local food and drink culture. There are so many great places to eat in Ostrava. From hip bistros to late-evening beer snacks, craft beer spots and underground cocktail bars, this town has an incredible food scene. Czech Cuisine Czech food is very Eastern European. Lots of meat, potatoes and bread. Vegetables, when they appear, are often in the form …

Eat Better, Eat Street Food

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We travel not only for personal experiences but for sensory stimulation. The sight of some architectural marvel, or the beautiful colours of a new landscape, or just the heavy warmth you feel on your body in the tropics – where your clothes never really dry. But above all else, one of the greatest aspects of travel for Kylee and I, are the tastes and smells of the local cuisine in a foreign land; and while there are plenty of restaurants …

The Best Food in Salento

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Salento is undoubtedly the most popular destination in the coffee region of the Colombian Andes. As a result, there is no shortage of food options around town. Whether you’re needing a huge meal to replenish your energy after hiking the beautiful Valle de Cocora or perhaps you’re searching for a quick snack to keep you going as you do some shopping around this chill town – you might as well eat the best! Here are our picks for best food …

Where to Eat in Granada, Nicaragua on a Budget

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Where to Eat in Granada on a Budget A stunningly well-maintained colonial city, right on the lake, in the centre of Nicaragua. With it’s colourful buildings, manicured streets and vibrant central park, it’s a popular spot. The simple fact that it’s connected to nearly everything in the country – if you’re visiting Nicaragua, you’ll likely be spending some time in Granada. Unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest destination in Nicaragua. Thankfully, we’ll show you where to eat in Granada on a …

The Juayua Food Festival in El Salvador

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Juayua is a small village on the Ruta de la Flores in El Salvador, a popular tourist route consisting of several small villages in the cool highlands of the Northwestern edge of the country. Aside from the main pull with backpackers of the hikes to surrounding waterfalls in the area, our reason for visiting Juayua was much more specific.

Recipe: Curtido

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This might very well be one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever make. It originally accompanied another recipe on this site. However, seeing as curtido compliments so many other foods, we decided it deserves its own post. During our first day in El Salvador is when we encountered curtido for the first time. The simple yet perfect pupusa, national dish of the country, is never served without this delicious slaw. Almost like a Latin sourkraut, the sharpness of the vinegar, …

Recipe: Street-Style Pad Thai

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The cuisine of Thailand is arguably one of the best in the world. It’s bright and fresh; and the fiery chilis burn. It often causes you to wince from the sharp bite of lime and vinegar. Pad Thai however, while undoubtably a staple of the Thai food scene, has none of those aspects. However, it is possibly the greatest introductory dish to those new to Thai food, and is usually one of the first street foods enjoyed by first-time visitors …

Recipe: Vigoron

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Vigoron. Found on street corners and kitchens throughout Central America, primarily Nicaragua and Costa Rica. While technically a salad, it resembles one only in the vaguest way. While consisting of only three components, it requires all three to avoid it being a confusing or outright unenjoyable mess. We first saw this interesting mixture for the first time on the streets of Santa Ana. Though we were curious, the long, chaotic lines surrounding the food carts steered us away from trying. …

Recipe: Tostones (Fried Plantains)

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Here’s a quick tip: If you’re ever a hungover culinary student roaming the school walk-in cooler for a quick recovery snack: Make sure that banana you grab isn’t a plantain, or you’re going to have a really bad time. Fry them up and make Tostones on the other hand, and you’re good to go. Plantains are a very close relative to the common banana and are a staple in Latin and Caribbean cuisine. While physically larger, the biggest difference is …