Recipe: Toad in the Hole

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The names of dishes are always an interesting point of discussion. Since the beginning of modern cuisine, there hasn’t ever been a standard set regarding the naming of food. It’s an open game, anything goes. During our time in England recently, we encountered the whole spectrum almost immediately. Often it’s a simple and very literal description of the plate. Fish and chips with mushy peas, for example, you know exactly what you’re going to get. An example from the other …

Recipe: Red Lentil Dahl

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It’s 7 am in Varanasi, Northern India. The ghats are already swarming with devotees bathing themselves in the holy ganges. The sun is still low in the sky but the temperature is already becoming unbearable and the humid air is heavy as we anxiously await the delicious dahl. We sit at a small table, tucked in a corner off the street. Wide-eyed, we stare at the chaos of the buzzing market. Hundreds of people, a few cows, and the odd …

Recipe: Reganonas de Maize (Colombian Corn Fritters)

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The first thing that surprised us about Colombia was the incredible selection of street food. We found grilled meat skewers, sausages, empanadas and a multitude of other fried treats, all on our first afternoon in Santa Marta. Since leaving Mexico, the street food scene had all but dried up. We had given up hope. Seeing as Colombia is rarely spoken of in the world of street food, to say we were pleasantly surprised at our discovery would be an understatement. …

Recipe: Torta with Pork and Chorizo

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The torta: essentially just the name given to any Mexican sandwich. During our time in Oaxaca, this was one of the first foods we immediately fell in love with, and has remained one of our top choices when grabbing a bite on the side of the road. This is one of those comfort foods that you eat without remorse: forget about caloric intake, don’t bother counting carbs, or getting enough ‘green’ in your meal.
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Dinner by Heston: A Michelin-Starred Hangover

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This one time, in London, we spent over $300 to cure a hangover. It was quite possibly the best – and most expensive – lunch we’ve ever eaten. And it was worth every penny. Flashback to the previous evening. We went out for supper with our friend at Upstairs at the Ten Bells. It was a great meal in itself, but as it often happens, a meal turns into drinks. A couple hours later we find ourselves hanging out at …

Eating at the French Laundry

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Our first real introduction to the French Laundry was many years ago on Anthony Bourdain’s first show: A Cooks Tour. We’d browsed the legendary cookbook before, but at the time couldn’t really grasp it’s magnitude. At the time, the restaurant held the number one spot in the world, a concept that simple line cooks in culinary school couldn’t fathom. Fast forward nearly a decade, and Kylee drops one of the biggest surprises on me, several months before my birthday. Now, …

Visiting Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

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The Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo Truly one of the most overwhelming and incredible experiences on any visit to Tokyo, is the Tsukiji fish market. We woke up much earlier than normal for this chaotic experience and navigated the early-morning transit system to arrive on the outskirts the market. Standing by the gate, pre-coffee, still groggy, we look at the gauntlet that must be run to reach the main door. Forklifts and other loading vehicles are zooming in every direction, …