Mexico is fascinating and beautiful. Where sights and smells and tastes often overwhelm the senses. Its full of contrasts, where the old world, full of ancient traditions, melds with the modern era in a wonderful and curious manner.

Oaxaca, the cultural epicentre in the heart of the country is the where we made our temporary home. Though we'd never been there before, we immediately felt familiar in our new surroundings.

Spend some time in Oaxaca city, with its vibrant and energetic hum, colourful colonial architecture, and and ancient ruins. Enjoy some the best food in Oaxaca, from traditional mole to delicious street tacos.

If you’re fortunate enough, be sure to visit in early November, during the phenomenal Day of the Dead festivities. This was one of the most incredible experiences we've ever had!

While in the area, venture to the nearby town of Tlacolula, for the massive Sunday market, and check out one of the biggest trees in the world. Then, take a visit into the desert and relax in the natural pools of Hierve el Agua.

Heading to Chiapas, Oaxaca’s neighbour state, check out some of the lesser-known Mayan ruins at the ancient city of Palenque. It’s the perfect side trip on your way to the mountain city of San Cristobal de las Casas — a place that had us experiencing all the emotions.

For those of you interested in trying your hand at some authentic Mexican street food, we picked up a couple of great recipes. For a quick side snack, try these spicy Mexican pickles. And one of our all-time favourite Mexican street foods, give our version of the torta a shot!