No matter how hard we try to capture the essence of a destination with words, often they're simply not enough. Many years ago, before this was a real blog, we began taking photos in much the same was as we captured our experiences in words - just for fun, as a memory to share with those who cared.

It's a steep learning curve, both storytelling and photography, but over the years we've come to enjoy them both equally.

Over time, instead of a traditional blog post, we'll release a short collection of our favourite images, following a specific theme. These photo essays will give you, the reader, a glimpse into the places we visit in a more literal sense.

Photo Essay:
The Street Art of Colombia

We’ve been fans of quality graffiti for many years, but our exposure has been limited to the odd wall on a handful of cities. Colombia, specifically Medellin and Bogota, are on a completely new level to anything we’ve seen in the past. The scene in Bogota is so prolific, there are entire tours dedicated to the graffiti scene.

Photo Essay: India in Ten Snaps

Then again, no number of pictures could ever convey the emotion of such a place. So rather than try to explain the raw power of India with mere images, I’ll just give you a tease. A small taste, hopefully enough to pique your interest enough to consider paying the incredible land a visit.