Fortress wall surrounding a city outside Tangier, Morocco

Things to Do in Tangier, the Gateway to Morocco

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At the mouth of the Mediterranean, across the straight of Gibraltar from Spain, is Tangier. The ancient port city is the gateway to Africa for many Europeans, and has been a valued strategic location for centuries. Booming with recent business ventures and investments, Tangier is shedding its once seedy image. And while many travellers simply pass through or skip this coastal gem altogether, Tangier is entirely worth a visit. From its buzzing media and ancient Kasbah to some of Moroccos …

Fish and Chips from one of the Best Restaurants in Bristol

The Best Restaurants in Bristol [Updated 2019]

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Bristol is one of our favourite cities in the world. Well-known for its fascinating history, laid-back locals, and a world-class street art scene; what caught us off-guard was the food. There is so much great food in Bristol! Whatever you fancy, from English classics to fiery Sichuan street food; these are some of the best restaurants Bristol has to offer! Our Favourite Bristol Restaurants Considering the money we were saving by housesitting during our visit, we ate everywhere we could. …

The Best of Bristol: What to See and Do in the Incredible Harbour City

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Bristol is such a fantastic city. I mean really, truly phenomenal. Over the entire month we spent in Bristol, there was hardly a day we weren’t out exploring. We’d eat at outstanding restaurants, drink cider in centuries-old pubs, check out unique museums and galleries, and then drink some stout — in centuries-old pubs. Initially, we were going to write a full-on Best of Bristol article here, but favourite restaurants alone make up their own (soon to arrive) post. So we’ll …

9 Reasons that Bristol is a Perfect Alternative to London

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Look, we love London. It’s up there with some of our favourite cities in the world. Every time we’re in the country, we spend time in London. Recently, however, our attention was pulled west, to Bristol. And I gotta say, after a month living in the harbour city, I can confidently say that Bristol is the perfect alternative to visiting London. I’m not saying Bristol is better than London (I can’t imagine the hate-mail we’d receive by that statement); though …

North Street Bristol’s Best Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

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Before arriving in Bristol, North Street was simply part of an address where we’d be housesitting for a month. It was a street on a map, a short walk from Spike island and the Bristol harbour. The homeowners had assured us that we’d have no issue finding a place to eat nearby. This turned out to be a bit of an understatement. As it turned out, there are dozens of North Street Bristol restaurants – all within 20 minutes by …

The World’s Best Street Art Cities, According to Awesome Travellers

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We love street art. What began as mere curiosity, many years ago, soon became a deep appreciation, and occasional obsession. There’s something so impressive about artists pouring themselves into works that in all likelihood will be removed or destroyed. Brushed away like a Tibetan sand mandala. Even in those street art cities that are friendly towards the scene, even commissioned pieces often fall victim to some deplorable vandal. Aside from the more technical aspects, it’s simply a beautiful way to …

21 Unique and Fun things to do in Bucharest

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Bucharest is one of those cities that doesn’t strike everyone the same. Though it’s been called “Little Paris” for over a century, it’s far from it; nor does it have the picturesque, polished architecture of Vienna. Instead, more like Sarajevo, Budapest or Belgrade, the cities gritty presence hums with vibrant life. From colourful street art to our favourite restaurants and the best tours, here are 21 unique and fun things to do in Bucharest. Jump to: Sights Tours Food Photo …

9 Awesome Additions to your London Itinerary

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London is an epic city, one of the all-time greats. It’s a city where you could spend years exploring and never do the same activity twice. Yet, many of us as travellers rarely spend more than a few days at a time here. If you’re like most visitors to London you’ll probably only have a few short days to take in all you can. Though our initial plan was to put together a nice packaged itinerary for you, we decided …

Colourful and funky cafe in Cluj

What To Do in Cluj-Napoca, Capital City of Transylvania

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Before arriving in Transylvania, I pictured dense forests, and tall, rugged mountains, topped with menacing castles. And while those cliches are absolutely present, the idea of a large, bustling city like Cluj is certainly not what I had expected. Arriving in the city at the end of our busy road trip through Maramures, we had few clues on what to do in Cluj, but we would soon find out! Cluj-Napoca, as it’s known in a more official sense, is the …

Colouful windows in a beautiful building in Timisoara

12 of Our Favourite Things to Do in Timisoara, Romania

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Timisoara was our first stop during our time in Romania and it couldn’t have been a better welcome. Following the previous few weeks of near constant movement, it was nice to be able to stop for a week and really dig in. For what was a relatively unknown city to us at the time, we were truly impressed at the number of fantastic things to do in Timisoara. The city is located in the far western ranges of the country, …