The flag of Albania. Two black eagles on a red background.

Flights Booked. Major Updates Coming.

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Thursday. 02-09-23. Edmonton, Canada. A quick update on the state of things around here. It’s time for a massive overhaul. Our recent return to El Salvador and Mexico rekindled the fire. And I figured it was time to get my head back in the game. We won’t be hitting the road full-time anymore. Our last big trip, pre-pandemic, burnt us out. Too much movement, too few sleeps in the same bed, long bus rides and constant adjustments. It’s fun and …

Looking out at a wooden dock stretching into a blue sea at sunrise.

The Good Life in Holbox, Mexico

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Saturday. 10-22-22. Holbox, Mexico. It’s hot. So hot. Im laying in a hammock, sipping an ice-cold beer, watching a giant crocodile sun its head in the lagoon in below me. We finally made it back to Mexico. When 2020 happened and the pandemic spread, we were in Bogotá, desperately trying to figure out our plans. Initially, we were to head to Mexico, on the Yucatan, to relax for a couple of weeks. From there, we had an apartment rented back …

Nearly empty stone street at sunrise. A man stands with a motorcycle on one side, on the other a graffiti mural is on a wall.

Return to the Road

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Saturday. 10-15-22. El Tunco, El Salvador. Strung out. The car is finally parked. I’ve never driven here before, though I’ve spent enough time on these roads to know they can get a little sketchy. Driving at night only makes things worse. Hitting that random speed bump at 60 certainly woke me up. I was laser-focused after that. We’d been up for 18 hours by this point. Exhausted, everything was hazy. But we were ecstatic, on familiar turf. We sat under …

Boat in the sea near the beach

Touring the San Bernardo Islands Colombia: Is it Worth It?

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The Caribbean coast of Colombia is absolutely stunning. Impossibly blue water splashes onto the shores of tiny fishing villages, buzzing colonial cities, and the occasional spattering of islands off the mainland. One such archipelago is that of San Bernardo, a small group of islands between Cartagena and Tolu. These islands are a very popular spot to visit, especially for locals. And for good reason; they’re the postcard image of a Caribbean island. But are they actually worth visiting? Here’s what we think …

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Our Journey Home; and Why We Made the Decision

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Rewind Six Days Sunday. 15-03-20. Bogota, Colombia. The dark clouds rolling over Bogota from the mountains are an ominous sight that seems a fitting parallel to everything else that’s going on right now. I just returned from a quick trip to the corner store for a re-stock of groceries and beer to pacify our quasi-isolation before departing Colombia in two days. This isn’t exactly how I expected to be spending my final days in the country but then again, those …

Building wall with graffiti on it

11 Times When Things Should have Ended Badly, but Didn’t

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Bad things will happen in life. There’s no avoiding this unfortunate fact. Sometimes it happens entirely out of our control, like hitting black ice while driving. Other times it’s a direct result of our own stupid decisions, like drinking too much and accidentally lighting your face on fire while trying to perform circus tricks at a house party (this is entirely hypothetical, of course). And while some of us can pad ourselves against these moments better than others, nothing can …

Looking Back on the Incredible Year that was 2019

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Monday. 12-30-19. San Andres, Colombia. It’s beginning to look a lot like… well, anything but Christmas to be honest. The air is thick and humid. Everything is green and the flowers are in full bloom. The sky is a patchy grey and white. And the towering palms sway in the hot wind, between intermittent flash rainstorms. Unseasonable weather aside, there isn’t a Christmas tree anywhere in sight, and as far as we can tell, it’s business as usual here on …

Month in Review: November 2019

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Thursday. 11-28-19. Since focusing so much more on destination guides recently, we realized that we’ve slowly been alienating those of you who read to follow our journey. So many of you wonderful humans, family and friends included, have supported and encouraged us in this crazy adventure we’ve undertaken. You’ve stuck with us since the beginning, following along with curiosity at the strange places we visit, and the interesting experiences we have. Yet lately, it’s all tips and facts and a …

Camels walking on sand dunes in the Sahara Desert in Morocco.

A Much Needed Break in the Moroccan Sahara Desert

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Wednesday. 04-17-19. Essaouira, Morocco Following a few days engulfed in the mad frenzy of the Fes Medina, our heads were spinning. With the dizzying maze-like corridors and never-ending flow of bodies in all directions; and the constant beckoning of shopkeepers to visit this shop or that, to “buy this rug” or “authentic gold lamp.” Each dawn we’d be shaken from sleep by a buzzing shriek. Directly outside our bedroom window was the loudspeaker atop the minaret of the local Mosque. …

Large rocky gorge with a stream flowing from it through a green field in Romania.

Hiking Turda Gorge in Romania

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Romania is a country of incredible landscapes. And Turda Gorge is certainly one of the most striking of all — though it seems relatively unknown to many travellers. It wasn’t until I was doing some photo location research that we learned of the place. Blown away by the Tolkien-esque scene, we had to check it out. Hiking Turda Gorge became a priority; and as it turns out, it’s far more than just a pretty picture. Turda Gorge Cheile Turzii, as …