Recipe: Curtido

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This might very well be one of the easiest recipes you’ll ever make. It originally accompanied another recipe on this site. However, seeing as curtido compliments so many other foods, we decided it deserves its own post. During our first day in El Salvador is when we encountered curtido for the first time. The simple yet perfect pupusa, national dish of the country, is never served without this delicious slaw. Almost like a Latin sourkraut, the sharpness of the vinegar, …

Recipe: Vigoron

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Vigoron. Found on street corners and kitchens throughout Central America, primarily Nicaragua and Costa Rica. While technically a salad, it resembles one only in the vaguest way. While consisting of only three components, it requires all three to avoid it being a confusing or outright unenjoyable mess. We first saw this interesting mixture for the first time on the streets of Santa Ana. Though we were curious, the long, chaotic lines surrounding the food carts steered us away from trying. …

Recipe: Tostones (Fried Plantains)

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Here’s a quick tip: If you’re ever a hungover culinary student roaming the school walk-in cooler for a quick recovery snack: Make sure that banana you grab isn’t a plantain, or you’re going to have a really bad time. Fry them up and make Tostones on the other hand, and you’re good to go. Plantains are a very close relative to the common banana and are a staple in Latin and Caribbean cuisine. While physically larger, the biggest difference is …

Recipe: Reganonas de Maize (Colombian Corn Fritters)

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The first thing that surprised us about Colombia was the incredible selection of street food. We found grilled meat skewers, sausages, empanadas and a multitude of other fried treats, all on our first afternoon in Santa Marta. Since leaving Mexico, the street food scene had all but dried up. We had given up hope. Seeing as Colombia is rarely spoken of in the world of street food, to say we were pleasantly surprised at our discovery would be an understatement. …

Recipe: Torta with Pork and Chorizo

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The torta: essentially just the name given to any Mexican sandwich. During our time in Oaxaca, this was one of the first foods we immediately fell in love with, and has remained one of our top choices when grabbing a bite on the side of the road. This is one of those comfort foods that you eat without remorse: forget about caloric intake, don’t bother counting carbs, or getting enough ‘green’ in your meal.
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