Van Gogh-like street art on the side of a building near a playground.

The World’s Best Street Art Cities, According to Awesome Travellers

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We love street art. What began as mere curiosity, many years ago, soon became a deep appreciation, and occasional obsession. There’s something so impressive about artists pouring themselves into works that in all likelihood will be removed or destroyed. Brushed away like a Tibetan sand mandala. Even in those street art cities that are friendly towards the scene, even commissioned pieces often fall victim to some deplorable vandal. Aside from the more technical aspects, it’s simply a beautiful way to …

The Colors of Oaxaca Mexico

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Yellow and Blue A pretty standard-issue paint job in central Oaxaca. The contrast of blue and yellow is one of my favourite combinations on earth. I can’t get enough of this building. Accidental Street Art North of the city centre, near the apartment we lived in, was this seemingly forgotten truck. We passed this scene almost daily whether we were heading to the grocery store, bakery, cafe, or our favourite taco stand. The truck never moved during our entire stay. …

Photo Essay: Foreign Roads

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“For the strange feeling of home, in the familiar unknown, These Foreign Roads we roam.” There are many reasons we chose Roads to be the focus in our name. Everything we do in our lives revolves around them – literally and figuratively. While borders divide us, roads connect us with each other and the world around us. Whether it’s on a wild chicken bus cruising down a twisting mountain highway in Guatemala or kicking back along the coastal highway in …

A Graffiti Tour of Colombia

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Following five months in Central America, we’d grown quite accustomed to the vibrant colours and beautiful street art in the region. As a result, we had a general idea of what to expect upon arriving in Colombia. A couple of friends had visited only a few short weeks prior to our entry into the country, and passed on a few tips on where to check out some of the best art. All of that said, we couldn’t have been more …

Shadowed archway looking towards a large white building (The Taj Mahal)

India in Ten Snaps: A Photo Essay

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By the time we travelled to India, we thought of ourselves as fairly seasoned travellers. We’d bounced around Canada, the Us, and spent nearly half a year roaming throughout Southeast Asia. We even lived in a car for six months while crossing Australia. On this trip alone, we spent time in South Korea and Nepal before crossing over, we figured it would be a nice warm-up for this incredible land. We were wrong. India is without question the craziest, most …