Destination Research

So you’ve decided to travel. Congratulations! You’ve taken the first step towards a fascinating journey full of wild adventures, mind-blowing sights and incredible street food. Whether you’re planning on a long-term journey across the world or a week-long road trip from home, simply making the decision to do something different is powerful. However, it’s only the beginning. Here is where you’ll find helpful articles to help you with the initial planning of your trip, from destination research to inspiration.


Money is the worst. But it’s an unfortunate necessity, especially when it comes to travel. Even if travelling on a shoestring budget through the worlds cheapest countries, you still need it.

The most common question we receive is regarding how we can afford this lifestyle. We didn’t win the lottery, and we don’t come from rich families. The way we afford to travel like we do is through careful budgeting and carefully choosing our destinations.

To help get you on the road, travelling better and getting the most for your money, this is where you'll find all-things budget related.


Booking - Accommodation & Flights

Finding accommodation used to go one of two ways. You booked a nice hotel in the centre of the action, grab a taxi from the airport, and arrive to a sparkling room with towel swans on the bed. On the other side of the spectrum, you roll into town at the end of a 12-hour bus ride and spend the next hour, walking with your bags from hostel to hostel, in a questionable part of town, trying to find a room with the fewest cockroaches.

These days, you’ve got hotels of all ranges, guesthouses, hostels, Couchsurfing, AirBNBs and housesitting.

When booking your flights, you used to go to a travel agent and tell them what you want. Now you can go online and use any number of different booking services, all with unique features to customize your journey from start to finish.

Over the years, we’ve done it all. And to save you some of the effort and confusion, we’ve put together a few articles geared towards this aspect of the road.

  • How to Book the Best Accommodation
    Now that you've decided to go travelling, you're gonna need to sleep somewhere. We've made a ton of common accommodation mistakes over the years. Follow these simple steps to avoid doing the same!
  • Booking the Perfect AirBNB
    Because almost anyone can become a host these days, it's more important than ever to know exactly what to look for when booking your AirBNB.
  • How to Write a Proper AirBNB Review
    Accurate, detailed reviews are one of the most important things to consider when booking an AirBNB. Knowing how to write a proper review makes the service better for everyone.
  • What to Do when AirBNB Goes Wrong
    Though uncommon, there are some bad ones out there. Sometimes it's the fault of a bad host, other times the situation is out of anyone's control. Either way, you should know what to do when your AirBNB booking goes bad.


Sure, packing is easy when you’re heading to Cancun for a week. But what if your trip is many months, or years, long? It’s not too complicated if you’re sticking to the tropics. However, what if your trip isn’t completely planned? What if you need to be ready for anything?

On our current journey alone, we laid on beaches in Nicaragua at 38ºC. We hiked mountains in Colombia under torrential downpours, got caught in a snowstorm in Moldova and spent Christmas in England. Needless to say, our packing lists are a little more comprehensive than average.

With the right planning, you can travel the world or work abroad as a digital nomad while living out of little more than a backpack.