Hands holding a plate with a fried tortilla, topped with lettuce, meat, cabbage, egg and sauce in Antigua

A Budget Guide to the Best Restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala

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Antigua is the most architecturally stunning city in Guatemala and is undoubtedly the most visited in the country. This UNESCO-listed town is not only home to some of the most well-preserved colonial architecture in the region, but also some mind-blowing food.

With dozens of options, from high-end steakhouses to western fast-food chains, it can be difficult to find delicious cheap eats in Antigua. So we’ve put together a list of some of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala that have phenomenal flavours but are easy on the wallet.

Antigua, Guatemala Restaurants on a Budget

La Taquiza – Delicious Mexican Street Food in Antigua

A new restaurant opened mid-2019 just off the main road, near the bus station, with great prices and amazing food. If you are heading to or just leaving the bus station, this should be your first stop.

Offering 3 tacos for Q18 and a full salsa bar, this is the place to be. Their walls are brightly painted and wait times are short, even when busy. The happy-go-lucky couple that run the place really brings in a great vibe as well.

La Taquiza is an all-around great place for a quick snack, and a funky Instagram photo.

What we ate:

  • 3 Tacos Al Pastor with Pineapple Q18
  • 3 Tacos Asada Q18
  • 1 Soda Q5
Hands holding a plate of tacos and topping them with sauces from bowls below. The best tacos in Antigua.
Surprised to find Tasty Street food-style tacos in Antigua!

La Casa de Las Mixtas – Authentic Guatemalan Food

  • 3a Calle Poniente 31

Come here for the well priced a la carte menu, or save even more on a menu del dia (menu of the day). Head upstairs for their relaxing terrace and have some tasty local cuisine. What the rooftop lacks in views, the kitchen more than makes up for it!

Their breakfast looks amazing, but since we had breakfast included in our stay at our hostel, we came here for lunch. The menu consists of salads, soups, sandwiches and plates between Q25-30 each.

Each grilled meat selection is served with warm handmade tortilla, guacamole, salsa, potatoes and grilled green onion, definitely share-able. (Wish we would have known that before ordering 2 plates!)

What we ate:

  • Longanza Sausage – Q25
  • Grilled Beef – Q25
  • 2 Gallo Beer – Q30
Plate with grilled meat, potatoes and onions on colourful tablecloth from an authentic Guatemalan restaurant in Antigua.
Delicious local cuisine in Antigua on a budget

Rony’s Tacos – No Nonsense Taco Restaurant in Antigua

West End Before the highway on 6a Calle poniente

This is the first Antigua restaurant we ever tried, back on our first visit here in 2017. At the time, this two-table hole in the wall was the only budget option we could find, and at the end of a long travel day, we didn’t have time to search around.

The menu is simple, with only a few tortilla-based items, soup, burgers, and cold beer. And while I couldn’t tell you the specifics between the ‘gringas’ and the ‘super,’ other than they’re a folded tortilla stuffed with meats, veggies and cheese, they are both amazing and easy on the wallet.

The highlight here, aside from the awesome dive-bar atmosphere, is the dizzying selection at the condiment bar. It seems to vary day to day, but expect onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lime, several salsas, pico de gallo, spicy Mexican pickles, and a hot chilli sauce.

We will eat here every time we’re in Antigua! Open in the later hours until late.

What We Ate:

  • Super – Q40
  • Gringas – Q35
  • 2 Gallo Beer – Q30
Man holding a tortilla while standing at a counter filled with bowls of sauce. Rony's Tacos in Antigua Guatemala
Loading up at the awesome Salsa Bar at Rony’s Tacos
So happy this place is still open!

Randy’s Sausage – Incredible Hotdog Restaurant

When a restaurant has the slogan, “Eat My Sausage!” you gotta try it! And daaaaamn are we glad we did. House-made sausages, with the perfect balance of toppings, Randy’s Sausage is a must-eat restaurant in Antigua.

The sausage paired with the remoulade was one of our favourite combos. The brightly hued remoulade looked like it was going to be quite mustard-heavy and tart. But it ended up being wonderfully balanced and even a little sweet, with just a hint of curry.

Each sausage is 35Q if paired with a beer its 45Q and if you are wanting the full meal deal: sausage, fries and a beer for 55Q.

What We Ate:

  • The Viking (Frankfurter) with 2 beer – Q60
Plate with a hotdog in the centre, topped with pickles, onions and a yellow sauce.
Mind-Blowing Hotdog from Randy’s in Antigua. The photo does not do justice!

Once Once – Delicious Vegan Restaurant in Antigua

Once Once (pronounced “on-say on-say”) is simply Spanish for Eleven Eleven.

So after talking your ear off about sausages, we’ll throw one out there for the veggies. We went full vegan to try out this cute little restaurant and tea house. This vegan restaurant has a mix of Italian, Asian and Mexican, all made with natural, plant-based ingredients.

Their delicious selection of teas are 100% organic which you can drink hot or cold, and each steeped tea comes with one free refill. Whether you’re popping in for a quick snack or a full meal, we definitely suggest at least starting with the falafel bites. These tasty little nuggets, made with beets and served with lemon hummus, are some of the best falafel we’ve ever tasted!

What We Ate:

  • Falafel Balls – Q25
  • Fresh Pea Soup served with whole wheat toast and vegan butter – Q25
  • Aztec Soup served with tortillas and tofu – Q39
  • Peach Cold Brew Tea – Q15
  • House Tea – Q14
Two plates, one with a green soup and toast; the other with an orange soup with tortilla strips. This from a vegan restaurant in Antigua Guatemala.
Phenomenal Vegan restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala

Rincon Tipico – Easily One of the Best Restaurants in Antigua

This popular restaurant is a mainstay in town and is found on pretty much any “best restaurants in Antigua” list you’ll find. And for good reason.

Nowhere else in town can you get such a large meal, with so much flavour, for such a low price. Rincon Tipico is always packed, so get there early or expect to wait, regardless of the size of the seating area.

The menu varies day to day, but typically features some form of roasted or grilled meat. This is served with potatoes and/or potato salad, fresh salad or coleslaw, a few random veggies, sauce, tortillas, and juice. And it’s all phenomenal.

The best part is that the potatoes are roasting beneath the chickens, so they’re constantly being basted in dripping chicken fat.

Pro Tip: Although Rincon Tipico is open for supper, this is a lunch restaurant. If you go in the evening, the menu will be limited, and they serve leftovers from lunch.

What we ate:

  • Grilled Longanza (sausage) – Q30
  • Roast Chicken – Q30
Man working in front of a large rotisseie full of chicken at a restaurant called Rincon Tipico in Guatemala.
Working the Rotisserie and basting those potatoes!

Cafeteria Y Panaderia Santa Clara – Simple Cafe with Tasty Fare

To be honest, aside from the good reviews and alright prices, but we mostly chose it because it was close to our hostel and we just had a long day of travel. We were exhausted and were just looking for something quick and convenient.

As you first step foot in this place you walk into a fresh fruit and vegetable market with a bakery on the right (that smells amazing), with the cafe straight through the market. But it is not an ordinary cafe, oh no. There are laser lights, disco balls and loud club music playing. At night it must be a club, but during the day, just a restaurant.

If the loud music and disco lights are too much for you for lunch, head up to the terrace where it is a little less ‘intense’. We thought about leaving due to the weird ambiance but ended up staying since we were bordering on hangry at this point. And are we ever glad we did!

The food is very tasty, the limonada is incredible, and the coffee is outstanding (which is a given being in coffee country).

Anyway, when you order your food, make sure to get the spicy cream sauce on the side of your meal. It’s delicious!

What We Ate:

  • Lomo de Barbacoa: Sliced pork in a BBQ sauce served with 2 tamales from the bakery, rice pilaf and salad – Q35
  • Tacos de Pollo: 3 tacos with house salad and an amazing creamy dip – Q35
  • Frozen Coffee – Q18
  • Limonada con Soda Grande – Q20
Two square plates, one with rolled tortillas and salad, the other with a bowl of sauce and a salad.
So simple, yet so surprisingly delicious!

Street Food in Antigua, Guatemala

Inglesia de La Merced – Incredible Street Food Market

  • 1a Calle Poniente 37

As far as we understand this market is open from 5 pm to 9 pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But have heard that it is open during the day on Sunday. Since we only went here for the evenings we cannot confirm the Sunday opening times. (If you are travelling and find this out, please help a fellow traveller and contact us to update this information).

This street food market is a grouping of carts in the park in front of a stunning cathedral. The selection isn’t overwhelming, as most carts all sell different versions of the same few items. But we’ve visited this market several times during our visits to Guatemala, and never leave disappointed!

What We Ate:

  • Tostada with tuna, beets, red cabbage, queso, guacamole, lettuce and a hard-boiled egg – Q10
  • Pork Sandwich w/ guacamole, pork roast, roasted veggies, pickled spicy veggies and salsa picante – Q20
Woman at a street food stall in Antigua putting roasted pork on a sandwich.
Preparing the Roasted Pork Sandwich at the Market

Inglesia de San Francisco Merced – A Great Spot for Lunch in Antigua

  • 7a Calle Oriente

We have been here for lunch a few times, and assume that it is open as long as the gate to the church is open 9 am-4:30 pm. The charcoal grills start to heat up around 11:30 pm and it is a great place to catch a delicious meal in a vibrant atmosphere.

The air is thick with grill smoke and the hand-clapping of women making fresh tortillas echos from the stone walls. Each station is different, so we just picked the first one we found that was grilling strips of marinated pork.

It seems that most lunch (almuerzo) plates are 20Q each and served with juice.

Pro Tip: We recommend avoiding the juice. Following safe street-food rules, juice is often watered down with tap water. And while this might not affect locals too badly, it can cause serious issues for travellers.

What We Ate:

  • Carne Asada Almuerzo: Marinated and grilled pork served with rice, cold mashed yuca, tomato sauce and a basket of warm handmade tortillas. There is salsa verde on each table to serve on the side, which we highly recommend – Q20
Grilled pork, mashed yuca, rice, and a red sauce on a place. Street food from a market in Guatemala.
Street Food is good food

**Some extra places that have daily deals we learnt about when we were in Antigua from locals, but we weren’t there on the right days to get them:
Angie Angie – Has 2 for 1 pizza every Sunday
Santa Rosa – Has half price burger night every Friday (35Q)

Go Eat!

Antigua seems to be overflowing with wonderful restaurants these days. From familiar chains and local shops, to steakhouses, craft breweries and Irish pubs; sushi, burgers, and everything inbetween, Antigua has a restaurant for every taste!


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