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Back to Mumbai… or a Little more Goa

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Well, the last day in paradise arrived. One last swim in the warm, salty waters of the Arabian sea, a quick breakfast, and we check out of our bamboo beach hut. After walking through the burning sand to the main road, we grab a rickshaw back to the ‘town’ at Palolem to catch our bus back to Margao.

From there, the plan is to meet up with the main bus back to Mumbai; and after that 16 hour bus ride, we will get a cab across the city to another station for a different bus which will take us up to Nashik, the wine region of India, to go on a few winery tours before heading back to Mumbai for our flight out…

…we stop for our last tax free drink before walking to the bus stop, missing the bus on our way there. The bus driver gives us the wave, saying that the next bus will be coming very shortly. Missing the bus is one of the best things that could have possibly happened. While we stood in the hot sun with our packs, waiting for the next bus, we discussed what we’ve both been thinking:

Is Nashik really worth it?

We don’t know much about it, or how much it will cost for a winery tour…  let alone if we will even feel like finding another shaky bus after a 16 hour trip already… So almost out of common sense, with only a few minutes to go before we can catch the last connecting bus that will get us on time, we give in to the beach and find a place to buy another bus ticket, three days later.

We hop the first rickshaw we can back to our little beach. Although three days might seem like a very short amount of time, it felt very liberating… especially once we got back to our bamboo hut and ceremoniously burned our old bus ticket in the sand.

More bus rides and chaos, or lying on a quiet beach?

The answer was clear. So although the big city, and being closer to the end has only been postponed by a few days, these days will be spent happily spent playing in the sand, eating amazing food, swimming in the sea, and generally living care free.. if only for a few more days.

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