Stone street lined with colourful buildings. Glass skyscrapers in the distance.

The Essential Travel Guide to Bogota, Colombia

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Bogota. The name alone brings up curious thoughts in many people. Echoes of a troubled past still raise caution in the minds of those who visit. And while some concerns may be real, most are not. High in the Andes, Bogota is a brilliant city that offers a full spectrum of experiences. Get lost beneath the unmistakable skyline of glittering glass skyscrapers and towers of orange brick against a wall of mountains. Wander the tight, winding alleys of cobblestone in …

Wet stone street surrounded by colourful wooden buildings at sunset.

The Best Things to do in Jardin Colombia

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It’s tricky to write about the best things to do in Jardin, Colombia without using clichés like quaint, charming or picturesque. Jardin is all of these things. When you first arrive in the colourful village, you’ll find yourself on a small, cobbled road lined with colourful buildings. You’ll breathe fresh mountain air while Jeeps roll into town from the local farms. Late in the afternoon, old men in cowboy hats and ponchos sit at street side tables sipping beer, while …

The flag of Albania. Two black eagles on a red background.

Flights Booked. Major Updates Coming.

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Thursday. 02-09-23. Edmonton, Canada. A quick update on the state of things around here. It’s time for a massive overhaul. Our recent return to El Salvador and Mexico rekindled the fire. And I figured it was time to get my head back in the game. We won’t be hitting the road full-time anymore. Our last big trip, pre-pandemic, burnt us out. Too much movement, too few sleeps in the same bed, long bus rides and constant adjustments. It’s fun and …

Looking out at a wooden dock stretching into a blue sea at sunrise.

The Good Life in Holbox, Mexico

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Saturday. 10-22-22. Holbox, Mexico. It’s hot. So hot. Im laying in a hammock, sipping an ice-cold beer, watching a giant crocodile sun its head in the lagoon in below me. We finally made it back to Mexico. When 2020 happened and the pandemic spread, we were in Bogotá, desperately trying to figure out our plans. Initially, we were to head to Mexico, on the Yucatan, to relax for a couple of weeks. From there, we had an apartment rented back …

Nearly empty stone street at sunrise. A man stands with a motorcycle on one side, on the other a graffiti mural is on a wall.

Return to the Road

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Saturday. 10-15-22. El Tunco, El Salvador. Strung out. The car is finally parked. I’ve never driven here before, though I’ve spent enough time on these roads to know they can get a little sketchy. Driving at night only makes things worse. Hitting that random speed bump at 60 certainly woke me up. I was laser-focused after that. We’d been up for 18 hours by this point. Exhausted, everything was hazy. But we were ecstatic, on familiar turf. We sat under …

Colourful houses line a cobblestone street in Sighisoara Romania.

14 Incredible Day Trips from Brasov, Romania

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Brasov is a great place to base yourself when travelling through Romania. Although many use Bucharest, it then takes quite a bit of additional time to reach many sights that are 15 mins to 2 hours away from Brasov. Brasov day trips are the simplest way to explore the best of Transylvania. With the convenient trains and buses running from two different stations, you will be well-connected to one of the most amazing regions in Romania.  We would suggest to …

Colourful bee hives in a field in Maramures Romania

11 Unique Things to Do in Maramures, Romania

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The vast majority of visitors to Romania tend to stay in the more well-known parts of the country – with Transylvania being the most popular. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as it’s a spectacular region to visit, way up in the far north of the country, lies the magnificent county of Maramures – one of our favourite places to visit in Romania. Visiting the amazing Maramures area is like stepping back in time. The entire landscape is made …

Volcano on the edge of a lake with a village on the bottom.

Where to Stay at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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Many who visit Guatemala often struggle with deciding where in the country to visit and for how long. This is especially true when planning a visit to the magical Lake Atitlan. With so many wonderful villages to choose from, deciding on which one(s) fit your style can get overwhelming. So before you make your final decision, read through the guide we put together to help you choose where to stay at Lake Atitlan! Keep in mind, all the Lake Atitlan …

Rolling green hills in a deep valley with dark rain clouds in the sky.

Colombia Itinerary: 1, 2 or 3 Weeks in Colombia

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So you’re planning a trip to Colombia. First off, congratulations, you’ve made a great decision. There are few countries we’ve ever visited that offer such outstanding diversity and beauty. From idyllic Caribbean beaches and colourful villages strewn about Andean jungles, to cities overcoming their tragic past. Our Colombia travel itinerary will touch a little of everything that makes this country so amazing. How to Use this Colombia Itinerary: This Colombia travel itinerary builds on itself depending on how long you …

Chocolate making supplies. Experiences in San Juan Lake Atitlan Guatemala

10 Unique Experiences in San Juan, Lake Atitlan

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San Juan la Laguna. Of all the Maya villages surrounding the brilliant Lake Atitlan, it’s here that tradition reigns supreme. From ancient Mayan rituals and indigenous cultivation, to colourful artwork and a plethora of high-quality hand-woven fabrics; here are some of the most incredible experiences in San Juan, Lake Atitlan. Unique Activities and Things to Do in San Juan la Laguna Contents Kiaq’Aiswaan Observation Deck Mayan Stingless Bees and Honey Farm Herbal Medicine Workshop Organic Coffee Tour Mayan Painting Class …