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14 Incredible Day Trips from Brasov, Romania

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Brasov is a great place to base yourself when travelling through Romania. Although many use Bucharest, it then takes quite a bit of additional time to reach many sights that are 15 mins to 2 hours away from Brasov. Brasov day trips are the simplest way to explore the best of Transylvania. With the convenient trains and buses running from two different stations, you will be well-connected to one of the most amazing regions in Romania.
We would suggest to pair a couple of these up and rent a car from Brasov. The price of a rental and the freedom you have to stop whenever you feel is great.

For bus hours and rates check at least a day ahead of travel. To book check this post on how to or just show up at the bus stop a half-hour before the bus leaves. If booking online make sure to check which station/stop each bus is picking you up and dropping you off of so you don’t show up to the wrong station/stop.

The train is usually cheaper overall is a nice way to see the landscape of beautiful Romania.

Poiana Brasov – 15Km from Brasov

An adventurers paradise! From skiing and snowboarding in the winter, to hiking, paragliding and swimming through the summer; Poiana has it all. The ski season runs from December to March and boasts mostly beginner slopes, but also has several intermediate and a few challenging black runs. Day passes cost 140 lei for an adult, and 80 lei per child. Ski and board rentals are also available for 45 lei per day.

There are also many different year-round hiking and biking trails but these are best when used in the summer months.

Check out the trails here.

Remember to always give your hike details to your accommodation front desk, or the tourist information office so someone knows where you are in case you get lost.

For those of you who prefer more laid-back adventures, Poiana Brasov also features an entertainment and recreation centre. Enjoy a game of billiards, go bowling, play mini-golf, wall climb, and so much more. Check here for more details.

Getting here: Take bus #20 from the Livada Postei stop. It runs every half hour and takes around 20 minutes to reach the resort. A bus journey in Brasov is 2 lei per ride, though tickets are 4 lei, and are validated twice (once on each end, per ride).

A red gondola over a ski hill surrounded by trees near Brasov Romania.
Poiana Brasov is a Snowsport Playground
Photo Credit

Harman & Prejmer – 10Km/17Km from Brasov

These UNESCO-listed fortified churches make a great, and easy, day trip if you want to just get out of town but not have to go far.

The Harman Fortified Church dates back to the 1200s, and is one of Transylvania’s most well-preserved Saxon forts. Its main tower can be seen rising high above the imposing fortress walls. Wander the grounds or explore the unique historical artifacts found inside.

Entrance to Harman costs 10 lei and it is open every day from Apr 1 – Oct 31, Mon to Sat 9-6, & Sun 10-6; and Nov 1 – March 31, 10-4 Daily

The Prejmer Fortified Church is known for having the thickest, most impenetrable walls in Transylvania. These walls are 10-15 feet thick and have protected the stunning Gothic church for centuries. It was attacked 50 times in its 500-year existence, but only captured once — due to the inhabitants running out of drinking water.

Getting Here: From Autogara 1 in Brasov, take a bus to Prejmer first: 20 mins, 4lei. When wanting to head to Harman hop on a Brasov bound bus and exit at the Harman stop, or let the bus driver know where you want to get off. It is a 20-minute walk from the stop, and also 4 lei.

You can also opt to visit Harman only and hop on a 15-minute bus from Brasov for 2.5 lei. 

Targu Mures -170Km from Brasov

Right in the heart of Transylvania, Targu Mures is an underrated city that most travellers miss. A unique mix of architecture styles and a food scene heavily influenced by a large Hungarian population are a great reason to add Targu Mures to your visit!

Getting Here: Another place that will go great with your road trip to Sighisoara, Targu Mures is a scenic 2.5-hour drive from Brasov.

You can also take a shuttle, or bus, from Autogara 1 at 8 am for 35 lei, which is a 3.5 hour trip due to stops along the way.

Several different architecture styles seen as rooftops in Targu Mures Romania
A Sampling of Architecture in Targu Mures

Rasnov – 18Km from Brasov

On the way to Bran from Brasov stop in to check out the certified tourist resort town of Rasnov. To achieve this status the city had to fulfil mandatory criteria such as tourist info centres and a natural environment without pollution. There are plenty of activities in Rasnov, such as hiking the marked trails to the Rasnoavei Gorges, where you can also bungee, rappel or do some climbing.

In the town itself, you’ll find some wonderful architecture. Notable spots include the Evangelical church, the Old Orthodox Church, and, of course, the Fortified Citadel of Rasnov on the hill.

You can take the train or bus (or minibus) out to Rasnov and keep on going to Bran to hit them both. You can buy tickets the day of which are 4 lei for either.
Getting Here: From Autogara 2 in Brasov, head to stop #2. Buy your ticket on the 30-minute shuttle which is 8 lei per person and leaves every half hour. Make sure to tell the driver you are going to Rasnov, because most visitors take this bus to go all the way to Bran. From the stop on the side of the road, it is a 35-minute hike uphill to see the fortress and city.

Bran – 30Km from Brasov

At a quick 45-minute shuttle ride out of town, from Brasov to Bran Castle, no trip to Transylvania is complete without visiting its most epic sight. Visitors typically visit Bran on a half-day tour, paired with a stop in the charming town of Rasnov; making a simple yet full-day trip from Brasov.

Spend the day gawking at the jaw-dropping Bran Castle, eat at some great restaurants and buy all your necessary(?) Dracula-related souvenirs. And while there isn’t any real connection between Bran Castle and Dracula, watching the movie before visiting is never a bad idea!

Getting Here: From Autogara 2 in Brasov, head to stop #2. Buy your ticket on the shuttle which is 8 lei per person and leaves every half hour to Bran.

A menacing castle on top of a rocky hill in Romania
The Epic Bran Castle of Romania

Zarnesti: Libearty Bear Sanctuary  – 27Km from Brasov

This bear sanctuary takes in bears rescued from all over Romania, that have been captured and mistreated, and tries to give them a new life. Most of the bears were poached as cubs and lived, malnourished, in tiny cages. Saved by the Zarnesti Libearty Bear Sanctuary, more than 70 rescued bears now live out their lives in a peaceful oak forest.

Cost: Tues – Fri 55 Ron, Sat & Sun 65 lei

Getting here: The best way is by car. You can take the train (40 minutes) to Zarnesti but will then need to take a taxi to the sanctuary. There is plenty of parking after you navigate the rather rough dirt road. Also, be sure to download the QR code after buying tickets.

*Note: children must be over 5 years of age to enter and proof of age is required. It is necessary to book ahead to get onto a tour since there is no other way to enter the facility. And make sure you are near the guide. As they allow up to 50 people per tour, you might not be able to hear otherwise.

**PRO TIP Rent a car and head out to Bran stopping in Rasnov and Zarnesti along the way.**

Sibiu – 142 Km from Brasov

Stroll the labyrinth of cobbled streets under the watch of Sibiu’s famous houses with eyes. Take in the fantastic architecture and art galleries, or soak up history at the ASTRA National Museum. Finish your day by sampling some of the Best food Romania has to offer as the sun sets over the main square.

Getting here: Take the train from Brasov to Sibiu (30 lei) for a scenic view of the mountains. If wanting to do this trip, and return in one day, take the 5:25 am train which arrives at 8 am, then take the 4:40 pm train back which gets you into Brasov at 7:30 pm for another 30 lei.

**Pro Tip: Rent a car in Brasov and stop in Racos, Rupea, Viscri all along the way to Sighisoara.**

A bridge covered in flowers in Sibiu with a road running beneath.
Sibiu’s Bridge of Lies and Peeking Eyes

Rupea Fortress – 70Km from Brasov

Halfway between Brasov and Sighisoara, the Rupea fortress is one of the oldest archeological sites in all of Romania. The towering citadel is located on top of a 120m tall basalt plateau, overlooking the town below. Regardless of which direction you arrive from, the sight of this almost monolithic fortress is stunning.

It is open to the public every day from 9-5 and in the summer until 9 pm.

Getting here: The best way to get here would be to drive and pair it with a trip to Sighisoara. However, you can take the 8 am bus which takes 1 hour from Autogara 1. The bus costs 16 lei, and make sure to tell the driver you want to get off at Rupea Fortress when getting on the bus.

You can also take the scenic route on the 2-hour train which costs 8 lei and leaves at 7:50 am.

Biertan – 146Km from Brasov

Our favourite, and one of the largest fortified churches in Romania. As you drive down the winding road towards the Biertan, the sight of the medieval village rising from the valley is truly epic. If you arrive early enough, you can capture the morning fog rising from the ground; mystifying the whole place as the sun rises.

There are several accommodation options in town. And if your timing is perfect you can catch the Film Festival here in late August.

Note: Closed Mondays.
Getting Here: This is another place that is best accessed by car. We would also suggest pairing it with your road trip to Sighisoara and Sibiu. Tours are an affordable option as well.

Fortified church surrounded by a medieval village in the morning.
Morning Fog Rising around Biertan Fortified Church

Racos – 70Km From Brasov

Take a break from the fortified churches and stop by the villages at Racos. The curious landscapes, surrounding the two villages, are what draws most travellers to the area.

More than 1 million years old, Racos is the site of an ancient volcano that last erupted roughly ten thousand years ago. Wander the crater remains and explore the towering Basalt columns; and when you’ve worked up a nice sweat, take a dip in the gorgeous Emerald lake nearby. From there be sure to check out the Sukosd-Bethlen Castle ruins. Four sites in one!

Remember to wear comfortable shoes because there is lots of walking. Also, bring snacks and water, as the villages don’t have a lot of shopping options. You can stay the night in a traditional house as well: Casa Anna comes highly recommended.
Pair this with a visit to Rupea, only 19Km apart.

Getting here: Take the train from Brasov leaving at 7:50 am. It is 1.5 hours and costs 5.4lei. Then walk from there.

Viscri – 78Km from Brasov

One of 25 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Romania, Viscri Fortified Church is probably one of the best-preserved Saxon villages in Romania. The charming little church is surrounded by rustic meadows, soft blue houses, and the clop of horses on cobblestone pathways.

Take the 90-minute ride on the horse-drawn carriages (60lei), and pass the sight of local blacksmiths hard at work. Be sure to check out the handmade felt hats and slippers, which are some of the communities specialties.

Admission is 5 Lei per person and is open every day from 10am-1pm/3pm-6pm Head to house #141 across the street if you want to get in.

Getting here: Again, the best (and only) way here is by car. Pair it with a trip to Sighisoara and Rupea for an amazing day trip from Brasov.

Sighisoara – 177Km from Brasov

The citadel city of Sighisoara is arguably one of the most fairytale-looking cities in Romania. The main attraction, the walled city centre, is small enough to see in a day but so magical you’ll want to spend the night. Wander the little backstreets and alleyways, visit the hilltop church and beautiful cemetery next door, or even stop by the house where Vlad the Impaler was born.

Show up early if you are hoping to take any crowd-free photos. The small, colourful streets get flooded with tourists during the afternoon; especially on weekends.

Getting here: The best way to get here, we would suggest, is renting a car and stopping here as part of a Romanian road trip. However, you can take the 7:50 am train from Brasov, which takes 2 hours, and walk 15 minutes to the town centre.

Alternatively, you can also take the 8 am bus from Autogara 1 in Brasov to Sighisoara. It is also about 2 hours, and can cost 26 lei and up.

Two people walk through an archway made of stone.
Wandering the empty streets of Sighisoara at sunrise

Sinaia – 50Km from Brasov

The town of Sinaia is a quiet little place, nestled in the Bucegi Mountains. And while the charm of the place will likely have you wanting to stay longer, the main draw here is Peles Castle. Unlike many castles in Romania, Peles is preserved in its entirety, from the pristine grounds to the interior decor. It’s so impressive, many consider it the most exquisite in Europe.

When your visit to Peles Castle is complete, don’t forget to stop by at the Sinaia Monastery on your walk back into town. As well, the lesser-visited Pelisor Castle, nearby, can be visited for 20 lei per person and is open year-round.

Peles Castle’s opening hours are Wednesdays 11am-5pm and Tuesday, Thursday to Sunday 9:15 am – 5 pm (Closed Tuesdays in the winter).

The general admission is 30 lei for the main floor tour. Second-floor access, with a little more freedom to explore the stunning decor, costs an additional 30 lei.

Note: Photography and video inside the castle require a pass, 35 lei and 60 lei respectively. These passes are per device (this includes phones) and the staff are fairly strict about this.

Getting here: The Easiest and most scenic route is to take the train from Brasov to Sinaia which leaves every 90 minutes. It is an hour-long journey and is about 15 lei per person. Pair this with a journey to Bucharest, just hop on the same train!

A white and brown Peles Castle on a green hillside, mountains in the background.
The Magnificent Peles Castle in Sinaia

Bucharest – 172Km from Brasov

If you flew into Brasov, you can’t leave Romania without experiencing the buzzing capital of Bucharest. Seeping with history, Bucharest can be congested, noisy and — at least at first glance — a little rough around the edges. Yet the architectural beauty and laid-back, welcoming vibe are what truly stand out. Throw in an emerging food scene and some wild night-life, and you’ll see why “Little Paris” is rapidly rising in popularity among travellers.

Getting Here: The train from Brasov to Bucharest runs almost every half hour, and costs between 18 – 30 lei.

If you want to save a little cash, and have some extra time, take the R train rather than the IR. The R is usually a bit slower and dated, but typically costs half the price. In this case, the R train takes 3 hours 29 min and the IR train takes 2 hours 49 minutes. Also, buying round trip tickets will be cheaper than two one-way tickets.

Enjoy Your Visit

Well, there you go; two-weeks worth of day trips around Brasov. Whether you’re here for a quick visit or basing yourself in Transylvania for a while, you’ll have no problem keeping busy in this incredible region of Romania!

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2 years ago

Yeah I’d say Dracula souvenirs are necessary. So many great trips! I only took three of those day trips you suggested and was never disappointed! Romania is such a fantastic country.

2 years ago
Reply to  Crystal

Haha Yes! The country of Romania just blew us away. Such a gorgeous place, we cannot wait to go back and explore more, there is so much to see!

2 years ago

Such a well thought out plan guys. I love the detail and advice you give. We’re all for basing ourselves at the most opportune location and this usually means we are (a) not contributing as much to overtourism in the main city and (b) exploring somewhere a little left of center. Those are the best finds! Cheers, guys! Keep up the awesome work!

2 years ago

Aww thank you so much you guys! We are big fans of diverting over-tourism for sure! So much to see and do in this amazing country! Thank you so much for reading Jess and Bernie! Hope to meet you guys in person someday soon!

2 years ago

Brasov is one of the most famous places in Romania that is enriched with wealth and historical attractions.

2 years ago
Reply to  Child Actor LA

Yes, so much to see and learn about in this amazing city! We are hoping more people base themselves out of Brasov rather than just Bucharest!