This is where all of our random posts from across Europe reside. Countries that don’t have enough articles to constitute their own page will be found here. You’ll find an arbitrary collection of stories from our journeys as well as a few helpful guides and recipes we’ve put together from across the continent.

The Balkans

Back in 2013, we explored this incredible region on a tour with Intrepid The trip took us from Budapest down to Bosnia & Herzegovina, eventually passing through Montenegro before ending along the coast of Croatia.

And although Hungary isn't part of the Balkans, it was on this journey we found a love for Hungarian Goulash!


In the summer of 2018, we found ourselves in the city of Ostrava, for a travel blogging conference. During our time here, we had the opportunity to sample some of Ostrava’s fantastic food scene.

From Ostrava, we explored some of the countryside of the Eastern Czech Republic; specifically the Moravian-Silesian region, with beautiful mountains and fascinating history. We also had the chance to experience some Czech hospitality, with a stay in the Koprivna Resort and the spectacular Miura Hotel.


Menningarnott is the celebration of Iceland. It’s the biggest festival of the year. During our three-week road trip around the country in 2014, we had the chance to experience Iceland’s Menningarnott festival first hand!


This was an interesting experience, the first bit anyway. It was the beginning of our first journey through Europe, and it started in Rome. Due to a debilitating bout of jet lag and one of the biggest travel mistakes we’d ever made, our first impressions of Rome were less than satisfactory.

Thankfully, after a few hectic days, we crossed the Tyrrhenian Sea and spent the next two weeks on the island of Sardinia. A place that would become one of our favourite destinations on the planet!


Poland is a country with a fascinating and intense history as well as a phenomenal — yet often underrated — food scene. Get some inspiration for a visit to Warsaw, one of Poland’s must-visit cities. And check back soon, because we have several more posts coming out in the near future!


As we only had one week to pass through Slovakia, we spent our entire time in the capital city. Unfortunately, as alluring as this old city may be, we should have had a better time in Bratislava.

More Europe

For more information, stories and tips on other parts of this culturally-diverse continent, check out our England, Moldova, and in-depth Romania pages!