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Experiencing the Koprivna Resort in the Jeseniky Mountains

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During our time in the Eastern Czech Republic, after sightseeing in Ostrava and tasting the local eats it was time to set off to the Jeseniky mountains in the Moravian-Silesian region. We headed out to the Koprivna Resort and Bike Park to check out what they had in store for us. Surrounded by the beautiful Jeseniky mountains, this resort boasts the cleanest air in all of Central Europe. Koprivna is a great place to visit out and have fun on your own or with the family. Check out the aptly named Fun Park, test your skills on the downhill mountain bike trails, or slow down and relax in their wellness spa watching the days go by.

The Koprivna Resort in conjunction with Czech Tourism provided myself and several other bloggers with a complimentary visit to their property as part of a promotional tour of the Jeseniky region of the country. Regardless of what was given on their behalf, the opinions in this article are entirely our own and completely honest. Read more in our Disclosure.

Staying at the Koprivna Resort

There are three options for accommodation at the resort, including the Maja Lodge, The Kopřivná Mountain Hotel, and a historic luxury cottage at the foot of the mountain. The Maja Lodge is a more rustic, ski-lodge-style accommodation, with simple rooms at economical prices – ideal for larger groups.

The Kopřivná Hotel features rooms of all sizes as well as designer suites with multiple rooms, the likely option for most vacationers. The luxury cottage sounds exactly like its name and boasts a private sauna and jacuzzi for couples after their special wedding night.

Simple, Comfortable Rooms

We stayed in the Kopřivná Hotel on the third floor in a double suite. The room was very clean, had vaulted ceilings – which I personally love. The bed was separated by a shelving unit from the living area which included a sectional couch for relaxing and a workstation, which was exactly what I needed. Wifi was available throughout, but speed was spotty at times.

There was no fridge nor bathtub in my room, however, are both are available in other rooms. Be sure to clarify this prior to booking. I really loved the large closet space for hanging up clothes, which was in the large entrance way, separated from the actual room. Since this is used mostly for skiers and active-types this would be quite valuable for drying jackets for the next days use and not having to smell it throughout!

The beds were very comfortable but weren’t technically double, they were actually two single mattresses on the double bed. While this seemed a little odd, we encountered it often in this part of the Czech Republic.

An ice cream cone with the Jeseniky mountains in the background

Ice Cream With a View from the Hotel

Get Active at the Resort!

Skiing/Downhill Biking

The resort is well-known for its fantastic skiing, but as ski resorts worldwide are quickly capitalizing on the growing downhill biking scene during the summer months – that was our reason for visiting! They have four expertly groomed downhill trails that have a combined length of 12 km.

The trails are all different and range from fun, rolling runs to technical single-track with bridges and rocky sections. There is also a separate run called the family track, which is great for smaller children just starting out, or people wanting to take a leisurely ride with amazing views slowly down the mountain.

Multiple Runs

The fun trail is full of switchbacks on an almost perfectly smooth trail which makes it easy to ride down, great for a first timer. The free ride track – named Spicy – is medium difficulty with plenty of jumps and easy ride obstacles. The advanced run is full of roots and stones and the gravity line has more of a technical side to it, with wooden bridges and crossings as well as other obstacles.

They also had a jump park which we didn’t get to try, where you can practice jumping safely with your bike onto a big air bag, we are coming back for this for sure! 

The men running the lifts put your bike on and take it off the lift for you, so all you have to do is get on and off. There are gear rentals for different levels of downhill bikes depending on how big and bold you want to go, as well as any protective gear you might need. From Chest protectors to elbow pads and helmets, it is all here and prices are very reasonable – especially when you consider the costs at other bike resorts (I’m looking at you Whistler!)

Very Reasonable Prices

The half-day pass for the lifts and trails is 250CZK and a full day is 390CZK. Rental for a regular downhill bike for the half day is 400CZK and for a full day 700CZK. Helmet, shin and chest protector are 80CZK each.

Kylee and a friend with their bikes

Kylee and Giusi of Maybe I’m Out after riding the mountain


The Fun Park is exactly that, fun! Though it’s geared towards families and team-building, it’s great fun for anyone. Some of the activities include tubing, scooters and buggies which you take down the mountain, a small paintball park, bungee trampolines, a bouncy castle(!!), climbing walls and beach volleyball.


The regular accommodation at the hotel includes access to the heated outdoor pool with a mini slide and incredible views of the surrounding mountains. There are plenty of lounge chairs around the pool and a very tiny water-slide. It’s a wonderful way to finish or even begin your day in the hills. Just remember to bring your towel since they don’t supply them at the pool itself.

There is a wellness centre that boasts a Finnish Sauna, bio sauna, relaxing lounge with a fireplace and a Kniepp (a German-style hydrotherapy treatment). Massage is also available but must be booked in advance. These additions are above the cost of accommodation, so plan ahead.

Overhead view of Koprivna's swimming pool

Relaxing by the Beautiful Pool

Huge thanks to A Couple of Dreams for the arial photos.
Be sure to check out and subscribe to their Youtube channel!

The Beautiful Restaurant

The beautifully decorated restaurant has a balcony overlooking the slope and into the stunning valley below. While the balcony is unavailable for seating during the winter, it’s still cleared for taking in the views. The bar is stocked full of almost any spirits you would need and the majority of the beer and wine/sparkling selection is sourced from local producers.

There is a buffet breakfast which has everything from cold fruit and cereals, to scrambled eggs and sausage, cold cuts and a large selection of cheeses, bread and pastries. There is no way you are leaving still hungry before heading out onto the slopes!

Lunch consists of a selection of soups and starters, an array of entree-sized salads and selection of different main courses based around the local Czech cuisine. These portions are smaller than those at dinner so you can still head out onto the hill and be active instead of wanting to sleep.

There is a small selection of delicious desserts as well as a gelato and ice cream area which you can get at any time of the day.

The dinner setting is a bit more romantic and has a great selection for any tastes, including vegetarian options to pasta and steaks. I had the salmon with green pea puree and smoked carrots, as well as a perfectly-cooked sirloin steak with a dijon cream sauce. I finished the meal with hot raspberry and caramelized pecans over ice cream, and sparkling wine from the region.

Everything we ate here was delicious, and would definitely recommend this restaurant. There is really no need to go anywhere else when staying here for an adventure weekend.

Salmon, carrots and mashed peas at the Koprivna Resort

A delicious dinner of Salmon, Pea Puree and Smoked Carrots

Winding Down

A great way to spend the evening after such a long day is to spend an extra 1500Kč and get access to the jacuzzi from 22:00 to 24:00, which includes a bottle of sparkling wine!

Special thanks to the Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Tourism, and of course Kopřivná Resort, for organizing this trip and giving us this wonderful experience!


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