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It’s a question I’m often asked: “So of the places you’ve been, what’s your favorite?”. Typically my answer is Nepal, for several reasons, but that’s another story. I’ve recently thought deeper into it, that’s not exactly the correct answer. To be honest my absolute favorite place is the departures lounge of the airport.

The television show ‘Departures’ is what really clued me in to this little epiphany. Why would a show about travelling have a title based around the part of an airport that you sit in (sometimes for many mind numbing hours) just waiting to go somewhere?

Well, simply because you’re going somewhere.

As I mentioned in my previous post, travelling brings experiences. It doesn’t require you to go across the planet, it could be as simple as having a few days off work. Take that time and fly to the next city to see a great concert. Maybe you can catch up with some old friends. The act of leaving your routine and going someplace that may or may not be familiar territory is life changing. It doesn’t matter how insignificant it may seem at the time.

So from now on, whenever I’m asked where my favorite place is, my answer will be ‘The departures lounge’. Whether I’m heading to Thailand for three months or visiting some good friends in Vancouver for the weekend. Once I check my bags and enter the departures lounge, I’m leaving ‘real life’. The pause button on the daily routine has been pressed, and when I unpause it, there’s a very likely chance that I will be a different person because of it – even if it’s in the most subtle way.

Nothing beats the rush that comes from stepping into the unknown.


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