Empty baggage carousel at the airport. What to do if you need to deal with Aeromexico lost luggage

Has AeroMexico Lost your Luggage? Here’s What to Do!

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Updated with new contacts and tracking methods! We arrived red-eyed and exhausted into Guatemala City, after 16 hours of travel paired with a good amount of airport beers. Clearing customs is a breeze, and we’re excited to get this trip going. As we reach the baggage claim, it appears that one of our bags isn’t on the carousel. We’re frantic, searching the entire baggage claim area. But the truth quickly sank in, somewhere en route, AeroMexico lost our luggage. Does …

Woman looking out a window in a living room

Our Journey Home; and Why We Made the Decision

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Rewind Six Days Sunday. 15-03-20. Bogota, Colombia. The dark clouds rolling over Bogota from the mountains are an ominous sight that seems a fitting parallel to everything else that’s going on right now. I just returned from a quick trip to the corner store for a re-stock of groceries and beer to pacify our quasi-isolation before departing Colombia in two days. This isn’t exactly how I expected to be spending my final days in the country but then again, those …

Building wall with graffiti on it

11 Times When Things Should have Ended Badly, but Didn’t

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Bad things will happen in life. There’s no avoiding this unfortunate fact. Sometimes it happens entirely out of our control, like hitting black ice while driving. Other times it’s a direct result of our own stupid decisions, like drinking too much and accidentally lighting your face on fire while trying to perform circus tricks at a house party (this is entirely hypothetical, of course). And while some of us can pad ourselves against these moments better than others, nothing can …

Looking Back on the Incredible Year that was 2019

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Monday. 12-30-19. San Andres, Colombia. It’s beginning to look a lot like… well, anything but Christmas to be honest. The air is thick and humid. Everything is green and the flowers are in full bloom. The sky is a patchy grey and white. And the towering palms sway in the hot wind, between intermittent flash rainstorms. Unseasonable weather aside, there isn’t a Christmas tree anywhere in sight, and as far as we can tell, it’s business as usual here on …

Month in Review: November 2019

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Thursday. 11-28-19. Since focusing so much more on destination guides recently, we realized that we’ve slowly been alienating those of you who read to follow our journey. So many of you wonderful humans, family and friends included, have supported and encouraged us in this crazy adventure we’ve undertaken. You’ve stuck with us since the beginning, following along with curiosity at the strange places we visit, and the interesting experiences we have. Yet lately, it’s all tips and facts and a …

How Travel Can Make You Live Longer

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Alright. I know this sounds a bit far-fetched, but hear me out. Travelling can make you live a longer life. I’m not talking about this in the literal sense, of course. That is, unless by travelling, in a dance with fate, you avoid some tragic event back home; one that would otherwise show you an untimely death. But that’s not where I’m going here. This is a happy post. It’s All About Perception Travel changes our perception of time; or …

Food being grilled over coals.

The Strangest Food We’ve Eaten Around the World

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We like food. A lot. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of travel for us. Ever since our first trip to Tokyo back in 2007 when we first arrived in a blurry haze of jet lag. We soon found ourselves sitting in a small, dimly lit dive bar on a quiet backstreet. A lady behind the bar handed us two beer and a small plate of something fried that we hadn’t ordered. It was seafood of some kind and …

Van Gogh-like street art on the side of a building near a playground.

The World’s Best Street Art Cities, According to Awesome Travellers

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We love street art. What began as mere curiosity, many years ago, soon became a deep appreciation, and occasional obsession. There’s something so impressive about artists pouring themselves into works that in all likelihood will be removed or destroyed. Brushed away like a Tibetan sand mandala. Even in those street art cities that are friendly towards the scene, even commissioned pieces often fall victim to some deplorable vandal. Aside from the more technical aspects, it’s simply a beautiful way to …

What to Do when your AirBNB Goes Wrong

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As you arrive in town and make your way to your AirBnb, you get excited to spend some time in new destination. The adventurer in you is ready to explore, but as the cab brings you to the area you notice your new surroundings. The neighbourhood looks pretty dodgy and you start to question what the hell you booked. As the taxi drives away, you knock on the door and the host answers. You’re brought into your booked accommodation and …

How To Write a Proper AirBNB Review

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Writing a review on AirBNB is one of the most important aspects of the experience. Not so much for you or the host; but future visitors. This post is a little about how to write a proper AirBNB review to help out other travellers. Most think of the review as a rating for the host, and while this is partially true, it’s really to help out future guests. Helping to correct any misinformation, or better yet, add some fine details …