How To Write a Proper AirBNB Review

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Writing a review on AirBNB is one of the most important aspects of the experience. Not so much for you or the host; but future visitors. This post is a little about how to write a proper AirBNB review to help out other travellers. Most think of the review as a rating for the host, and while this is partially true, it’s really to help out future guests. Helping to correct any misinformation, or better yet, add some fine details can really help the next person make an informed decision.

Be honest

So many people try to be nice when leaving reviews. And we aren’t saying you can’t be nice, just do so in a way that leaves out details. All too often, people leave nice reviews, leaving out one or two bad things because everything else was great. Those one or two bad things could be deal-breakers for other visitors. By leaving that information out, future guests may be let down. Share exactly what you experienced, don’t embellish the good nor the bad. You can still write what was good and what was bad in a pleasant, helpful way. And always say whether or not you would stay again — and why.

Be Reasonable

How much did you pay for this place? Was it an unusually cheap place when compared to the other properties in this location? Remember, you do get what you pay for. So if you got a really cheap place, you have to let go of some of the things you might expect from the more higher priced places.

Be Informative

Write about what you would want to know when you booked the place. The questions you had before getting there, and the things that you found amazing, or disappointing.
These are the questions you should ask yourself when writing:

  • Was it clean?
  • Was the bed comfortable? What about the pillows?
  • How was the WiFi?
  • If breakfast was included, was it worth the extra cost?
  • How did the host behave?
  • Regarding the amenities of the accommodation, did it have all that was mentioned or just some of them?
  • Did the overall description match what you saw? (We stayed in a place that said laptop friendly workspace, which is very important for us. But it was actually lounge chairs on the balcony with a tiny coffee table)
  • Was it loud at night?
  • Temperature issues?
  • Was the kitchen clean? We stayed in an AirBNB that had cockroaches all over the kitchen, anytime we grabbed a pot or bowl – cockroach.
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Leaving a review is important for yourself and future travellers

Be Nice

Even if the experience was not. Now I know what you are thinking, why would I be nice to the person that screwed me over. You don’t need to attack the host, it helps nobody. Just be honest about how they were in the situation and others will understand what you mean. Point out the things that weren’t up to your standards, that you feel you paid for and didn’t get out of the booking. This is especially important if you didn’t actually contact the host about any issues. If there are problems, and you simply accept them, you have no excuse to call out the faults of the host.


Would you stay at this place again? Or would you recommend it?

I would definitely stay here again.
I would stay here again if in the area.
This is not really what I expected, so would not stay here again.
Definitely would not stay here again.
If you are thinking of writing, I definitely recommend this place, think, “would I recommend this to my friends and family?” If not, don’t recommend it.

Writing a good AirBNB Review tells other travellers that it was a great stay and worth the money. Wouldn’ you like to be able to trust all of the reviews on AirBNB? I know I would

An AirBNB Review Example, aim for something detailed like this:

Great place to stay, the nearby bus runs right downtown. It is close to a mall and grocery store. The apartment is still under construction so there are noises during the day, but never at night and rarely on the weekend. The kitchen was really great, could use some more cooking tools and pots in the gorgeous new kitchen. The stay was great and the price is perfect, would definitely recommend for longer stays!

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