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Relaxation at the Miura Hotel in the Czech Republic

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Located on the edge of Čeladná, in the Beskid mountains of the Czech Republic, sits the funky and ultra-modern Miura Hotel. Recently, while exploring this region of the country, we had the opportunity to pop in for a few hours and see what they had to offer. Little did I know prior to arrival, was how rewarding it would be. Although we try to stay as active as possible while on the road, sometimes we still find ourselves slightly underprepared. …

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13 Experiences in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic

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The Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic is a spectacular area that is greatly under-visited by travellers. While the vast majority of foreigners are quite familiar with Prague and the Bohemia region, few venture to the country’s east. Those who do simply pass through on their way to Poland or Slovakia. Fortunately, due to the country’s size, the Moraian-Silesian region is easily accessible as a side trip from Prague! In the south, the low, rolling Beskid mountains are dotted with …

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Experiencing the Koprivna Resort in the Jeseniky Mountains

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During our time in the Eastern Czech Republic, after sightseeing in Ostrava and tasting the local eats it was time to set off to the Jeseniky mountains in the Moravian-Silesian region. We headed out to the Koprivna Resort and Bike Park to check out what they had in store for us. Surrounded by the beautiful Jeseniky mountains, this resort boasts the cleanest air in all of Central Europe. Koprivna is a great place to visit out and have fun on …

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What to Do in Ostrava, the Czech Republic’s Forgotten Travel Destination

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Sitting quietly in the Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic, just a short distance from the Polish border, is the city of Ostrava. Until recently, this third-largest city in Czechia was completely unknown to us; which I’m sure this is the case for most who live outside of the area. Considering how little it’s talked about, we were pleased to learn all of the unique things to do in Ostrava. While attending a travel conference known as TBEX a couple …

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Our Favourite Ostrava Restaurants [Where to Eat & Drink]

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During our time in Ostrava, a town in the eastern Czech Republic, we were fortunate enough to really dig into the local food and drink culture. During our brief visit, we were blown away by many Ostrava restaurants. From hip bistros to late-evening beer snacks, craft beer spots and underground cocktail bars, this town has an incredible food scene. A Little About Czech Cuisine Czech food is very Eastern European. Lots of meat, potatoes and bread. Vegetables, when they appear, …