Trip Planning: Weekly Budget Planner to save for Travel

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Some people are great with money, others need a little help. I know I did. People often ask us how we can afford to travel, and how we save money. It’s much easier than you might think, and I’m going to show you how. These simple steps work for any kind of budgeting goal, but we highly recommend travel, for obvious reasons! This weekly budget planner is what we used to reach the goals needed to live this lifestyle. What …

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How to Save Money While Travelling

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Money. The unfortunate part of modern life is that everything somehow revolves around it. Travel is no different. In fact, travel can be one of the most expensive activities you can do. This is why being able to save money while travelling can be such an important part of the trip itself.     Whether you’re on a road trip across North America or backpacking across Asia, you’re going to want to stretch your money as far as possible. We’ve spent a …

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How to Save Money [for Travel]

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A question we’re regularly asked: how did we save up the money for a journey like this? It certainly didn’t come easy, or without sacrifice, but it wasn’t nearly as difficult as some imagine. First of all, we worked. Often jobs we didn’t like and often for long hours. When things began to become mentally straining, we simply reminded ourselves of the long-term goal. While this never really made working outside in -30 bearable, it did help to pacify the …