17 Must-Try Colombian Food and Drinks

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Prior to visiting the amazing country, we knew next to nothing about the cuisine in Colombia. It’s not often spoken of back home; even in the culinary world we’re used to. We assumed Colombian food would be much the same as what we experienced throughout Central America. Which, to be honest, fell a little flat after we left Mexico. Yet, many delicious treats surprised us on the other side of the Darien Gap. While this often deep-fried, meat and starch-loaded …

The Ultimate Guide to Backpacking Colombia

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Twenty years ago, few would dare to venture into Colombia without good reason – very good reason. Even fewer would consider it a holiday destination. Even a decade ago it seemed only the brave ventured within its borders. Now, things are changing – and fast. With arms wide open, in less than ten years, Colombia has quickly risen to one of the top travel destinations on earth. Now more than ever before is the time to put this stunning nation …

Orange buildings at sunset in Bogota, Colombia

Can’t Miss Things to Do in Bogota if you Only have One Day

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Alright, so you’ve finally arrived in Bogota. Perhaps this is the beginning of your Colombian adventure and have just flown in. Maybe this leg of your journey is coming to an end and you’ve just taken the night bus from Salento. Whatever your reason for coming, even if it’s only to spend a day in Bogota, give yourself a pat on the back – it was a great idea! We visited this amazing city at the end of our time …

A Graffiti Tour of Colombia

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Following five months in Central America, we’d grown quite accustomed to the vibrant colours and beautiful street art in the region. As a result, we had a general idea of what to expect upon arriving in Colombia. A couple of friends had visited only a few short weeks prior to our entry into the country, and passed on a few tips on where to check out some of the best art. All of that said, we couldn’t have been more …

The Best Things to do in Medellin

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Medellin is an outstanding city. One of the best we’ve ever visited in over ten years of travel. From the delicious food to parks and literal high-flying activities; there are so many great things to do in Medellin – It’s one of the reasons we so quickly fell in love with the city. We’ve put together a list of our favourite activities for anyone visiting this great city; whether you’re a short-term traveller stopping by for a few days or …

How to get from Salento to Bogota, Colombia

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Nearing the end of our incredible time in Colombia, we had one final destination to reach: Bogota. Although the journey itself was ultimately rather simple, figuring the path took some research. Given Salento’s popularity with visitors and it’s proximity to Bogota, we were quite surprised at the lack of information. We found dozens of posts on bus routes coming towards us, just nothing explaining how to actually get from Salento to Bogota. Although common sense suggests simply following one of …

The Best Restaurants in Salento

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Salento is undoubtedly the most popular destination in the coffee region of the Colombian Andes. As a result, there is no shortage of food options around town. Whether you’re needing a huge meal to replenish your energy after hiking the beautiful Valle de Cocora or perhaps you’re searching for a quick snack to keep you going as you do some shopping around this chill town – you might as well eat the best food Colombia has to offer! Here are …

Jardin Colombia

Why you Need to Visit Jardin, Colombia

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When we first made our way to the sleepy village of Jardin, Colombia, the plan was to spend one or two nights before continuing on. Not wanting to spend a full day in transit to reach the towns of Filandia and Salento further South, we were simply looking for something to break up the journey. As the road twisted through high mountain passes blanketed in heavy fog, we still weren’t entirely sure what to expect. Soon, the late afternoon sun …

Colourful buildings in Guatape

How to Get to Guatape from Medellin

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My lungs burned and I was far too sweaty for this early in the morning. I should have eaten more than a bunuelo for breakfast. 475… Only 200 more steps to go. Aside from the realization that I’ve become incredibly out of shape over the passed two months, the view from up here is stunning. The colourful town of Guatape is a tiny scattering of buildings in the distance. 500… If you’re just looking for information on how to get …

Graffiti on a wall in Medellin's Comuna 13

The Evolution of the Notorious Comuna 13 in Medellin

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For years, Medellin was the most dangerous city in the world. Between Pablo Escobar and the drug cartels vying for control, and the military attempting to control them. To leftist revolutionary guerrillas and the privately funded right-wing paramilitary groups locked in conflict. Car bombs, shootings, kidnappings and outright war were commonplace in the region. While the city itself stood amongst the most violent on earth, until as recently as 2010; one neighbourhood in particular ranked deadliest of all. The neighbourhood …