Taking the Bucharest to Chisinau Train by Night

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Nearing the end of our incredible two months in Romania, the time had arrived to move on. This time to neighbouring Moldova, a wonderful, though tiny, former Soviet nation. Seeing as our final days were spent in the bustling hub of Bucharest, we had several transport options to choose from. Though for the sake of adventure, and love for the rails, we opted for the Prietenia: the vintage Soviet sleeper train from Bucharest to Chisinau. Click here to jump straight …

Stone peak of an underground monastery late afternoon in Moldova

The Best Things to do in Moldova

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I’m going to be completely honest with you. Before arriving in Moldova, we knew almost nothing about the tiny country. Aside from hearing the name a handful of times, we hardly knew it existed. After having spent three weeks in the former Soviet republic, however, we’re amazed at how alluring and foreign it feels. Though it might not have as much to offer as its neighbours, there are still many wonderful and unique things to do in Moldova. What to …

Gravel road passing trees and a vineyard at a winery in Moldova

Experience a Moldova Wine Tour

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It should come as no secret that Kylee and I are huge fans of wine. We’ve tasted wine all around the world, travelled to dozens of wine regions and have even worked in wineries. So during our time in Moldova, taking in some of the incredible wine the country is producing was a must. Moldova is a tiny, landlocked country in Eastern Europe. Wedged between Romania and Ukraine, it’s rarely on the radar of most travellers. But whether you’re a …

Statue of Vladimir Lenin in Tiraspol

Travel to Transnistria, a Country that Doesn’t Exist

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In the far reaches of Eastern Europe, on the edge of Moldova, is Transnistria – a country that doesn’t exist. This peculiar destination, where the hammer and sickle still reigns supreme, gives visitors a glimpse into the past. While in Moldova recently, I decided to travel to Transnistria for a day and experience this mysterious land for myself. The Pridnestrian Moldovian Republic Transnistria is officially called the Pridnestrian Moldavian Republic. It’s a tiny strip of land wedged between the Dniester …