Hostel Etiquette: Shared Kitchen

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Here’s a topic we’re both very passionate about, not only because as chefs we love to cook, but for the very same reason, we despise it when people disrespect the shared kitchen. It doesn’t matter if you’re using a shared kitchen in a large hostel, or a small AirBnb with only a few other guests. The kitchen is everyones, and should be respected as such. One time in Oaxaca, a couple of younger guests were sharing the kitchen with us, …

Budget food in Granada Nicaragua

Where to Eat in Granada, Nicaragua on a Budget

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Granada is a stunningly well-maintained colonial city, right on the lake, in the centre of Nicaragua. With it’s colourful buildings, manicured streets and vibrant central park, it’s a popular spot. The simple fact that it’s connected to nearly everything in the country – if you’re visiting Nicaragua, you’ll likely be spending some time in Granada. Unfortunately, it’s not the cheapest destination in Nicaragua. Thankfully, we’ll show you where to eat in Granada on a budget, while still eating incredibly well! …

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How to Get from El Tunco to Leon; or: Travel is the Worst

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*Updated January 2019 This is an account of one of many such journeys throughout our years of travel. Although experiences are rarely so interesting as this one, from time to time, travel days don’t always go as far as expected or planned. Our recent trip via bus from El Tunco to Leon (El Salvador to Nicaragua), is one such experience. Skip to the Tips! Though the bulk of this post is a story of our day/evening/night/morning, if you’re planning this …

Tall and thin waterfall in front of a large cluff

Cliff Jumping in El Salvador

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El Tunco is typically known for two things, either a quick stopover point after crossing into El Salvador from Guatemala, or for surfing. Considering the rocky coastline and our lack of surfing skills, we fit into the first category. A few short hours on a bus from Antigua to El Tunco, or five chicken busses over an entire day to get to anywhere else in El Salvador, it wasn’t a tough decision…

How to Get from San Cristobal to Lake Atitlan

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It’s been many years since we’ve done any real travel; meaning spending an extended period of time in developing countries, where schedules and timelines only exist on paper. While this definitely isn’t something new to us, the journey from San Cristobal to San Pedro was slightly less than smooth. Most hostels and tour agencies in San Cristobal will be able to sell you a ticket straight through to several locations within Guatemala. The majority of travellers are headed for Antigua, …

How to Get to Palenque and Visit the Ancient Mayan Ruins

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Palenque is known for one thing above all else, the ancient Mayan ruins around ten kilometres outside of town. Having a place already booked near the small cluster of backpacker accommodation known as El Panchan, roughly half-way to the ruins, once breakfast was finished we quickly headed out of town and checked into our little hut.