Traveller Interview: Dustin & Jessica

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I’ve known Dustin for a very long time. We first met while working as line-cooks at a chain restaurant in Edmonton about 17 years ago! When Kylee and I first met, one of the first nights out we had, I dragged her along to a party at Dustin’s place, that was the first time she met my friends. We only met Jessica recently. Between our travels and their jobs, their travels and our jobs, it was surprisingly hard to find …

Hometown Glory

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Once again we’ve found ourselves parting ways with the city we grew up in. Once more we’ve left the comforts and familiarities of the city we’ve called home on-and-off for the majority of our lives. I’ve been thinking about this post for quite some time now, long before the time came to actually leave. Trying to imagine how I’d feel this time, leaving with an unknown date of return, what I’d miss seeing and doing… mostly eating.
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Disneyland for Adults

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So you’re in your 30’s, in Disneyland, without kids, and have two days to act like one again without being judged. What do you do? You drop cliches all over your blog talking about how amazing Disneyland is, and how it really is the happiest place on earth, and that calling it the “Magic Kingdom” is an understatement, and so on, and so on… But let’s face it, Disneyland isn’t for grown-ups without kids, it is for kids. Children wander …