Statue of Vladimir Lenin in Tiraspol

Travel to Transnistria, a Country that Doesn’t Exist

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In the far reaches of Eastern Europe, on the edge of Moldova, is Transnistria – a country that doesn’t exist. This peculiar destination, where the hammer and sickle still reigns supreme, gives visitors a glimpse into the past. While in Moldova recently, I decided to travel to Transnistria for a day and experience this mysterious land for myself. The Pridnestrian Moldovian Republic Transnistria is officially called the Pridnestrian Moldavian Republic. It’s a tiny strip of land wedged between the Dniester …

Colourful and funky cafe in Cluj

What To Do in Cluj-Napoca, Capital City of Transylvania

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Before arriving in Transylvania, I pictured dense forests, and tall, rugged mountains, topped with menacing castles. And while those cliches are absolutely present, the idea of a large, bustling city like Cluj is certainly not what I had expected. Arriving in the city at the end of our busy road trip through Maramures, we had few clues on what to do in Cluj, but we would soon find out! Cluj-Napoca, as it’s known in a more official sense, is the …

A road in autumn in Transylvania, Romania

Driving in Romania

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Taking the reigns and driving ourselves is a rarity during our travels. Aside from the odd scooter rental in Asia or Latin America, we stick to more traditional travel methods. However, during our time in Romania, we decided to change things up a little and go on two separate road trips! To put it simply, driving in Romania was a remarkable experience!I believe that anyone who feels remotely comfortable behind the wheel can (and should) consider giving this experience a …

Colourful bee hives in a field in Maramures Romania

11 Unique Things to Do in Maramures, Northern Romania

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The vast majority of visitors to Romania tend to stay in the more well-known parts of the country – with Transylvania being the most popular. Although there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as it’s a spectacular region to visit, way up in the far north of the country, lies the magnificent county of Maramures – one of our favourite places to visit in Romania. Visiting the amazing Maramures area is like stepping back in time. The entire landscape is made …

Two hands holding some coins.

How to Save Money While Travelling

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Money. The unfortunate part of modern life is that everything somehow revolves around it. Travel is no different. In fact, travel can be one of the most expensive activities you can do. This is why being able to save money while travelling can be such an important part of the trip itself.     Whether you’re on a road trip across North America or backpacking across Asia, you’re going to want to stretch your money as far as possible. We’ve spent a …

Colouful windows in a beautiful building in Timisoara

Things to Do in Timisoara, Romania

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Timisoara was our first stop during our time in Romania and it couldn’t have been a better welcome. Following the previous few weeks of near constant movement, it was nice to be able to stop for a week and really dig in. For what was a relatively unknown city to us at the time, we were truly impressed at the number of fantastic things to do in Timisoara. The city is located in the far western ranges of the country, …

Stone street with colourful architecture.

How We Spent 3 Days in Warsaw, Poland

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We found ourselves in Poland almost completely unplanned; our visit was completely due to costs. The reason we’d been in Europe in the first place was to attend a conference in Ostrava, in the eastern Czech Republic. The cheapest way for us to fly into this region was via Poland. So simply in a stroke of luck, we found ourselves in a fascinating new city we hadn’t even planned on visiting. And because we flew in early, we 3 days …

Statue made of mirrors sitting in a pool

Relaxation at the Miura Hotel in the Czech Republic

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Located on the edge of Čeladná, in the Beskid mountains of the Czech Republic, sits the funky and ultra-modern Miura Hotel. Recently, while exploring this region of the country, we had the opportunity to pop in for a few hours and see what they had to offer. Little did I know prior to arrival, was how rewarding it would be. Although we try to stay as active as possible while on the road, sometimes we still find ourselves slightly underprepared. …

Looking over a rock at a village with red rooftops

13 Experiences in the Moravian-Silesian Region of the Czech Republic

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The Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic is a spectacular area that is greatly under-visited by travellers. While the vast majority of foreigners are quite familiar with Prague and the Bohemia region, few venture to the country’s east. Those who do simply pass through on their way to Poland or Slovakia. Fortunately, due to the country’s size, the Moraian-Silesian region is easily accessible as a side trip from Prague! In the south, the low, rolling Beskid mountains are dotted with …

Overhead view of a resort in the mountains with a pool and many trees

Experiencing the Koprivna Resort in the Jeseniky Mountains

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During our time in the Eastern Czech Republic, after sightseeing in Ostrava and tasting the local eats it was time to set off to the Jeseniky mountains in the Moravian-Silesian region. We headed out to the Koprivna Resort and Bike Park to check out what they had in store for us. Surrounded by the beautiful Jeseniky mountains, this resort boasts the cleanest air in all of Central Europe. Koprivna is a great place to visit out and have fun on …