Fish and Chips and peas on a plate with beer mugs beside it. From one of the Best Restaurants in Bristol

The Best Restaurants in Bristol

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Bristol is one of our favourite cities in the world. Well-known for its fascinating history, laid-back locals, and a world-class street art scene; what caught us off-guard was the food. There is so much great food in Bristol! Whatever you fancy, from English classics to fiery Sichuan street food; these are some of the best restaurants Bristol has to offer!

Our Favourite Bristol Restaurants

Considering the money we were saving by housesitting during our visit, we ate everywhere we could. We visited so many restaurants during our time in Bristol, that even though we didn’t spend a dime on accommodation, we spent more during this month than almost any other month of this trip!

Of the (literally) dozens of places we tried during our stay, these are our absolute favourites. These are the places we either found ourselves frequenting, or dream about on a regular basis.

Chilli Daddy – Sichuan Street Food in Bristol

It burns. It burns so good.

This isn’t that greasy takeaway slop you find at the food court in your local mall. With heavy reliance on chili oil and the almost mystical Sichuan peppercorn, here you’ll find delicious bowls of blazing, mouth-tingling ecstasy.

Chilli Daddy started back in 2011 as a street food stall, this traditional Sichuan restaurant uses locally sourced ingredients. With 3 locations there is no reason not to go here. If you love noodles and spicy food, this is one of the best cheap food options in Bristol for you.

Just be warned, unless you’re a spicy food veteran, stick to the mild option. This is the real deal.

  • City Centre Hours: Mon-Thurs and Sunday 11-9pm Friday/Saturday 11-10pm
Bowl of soup and another of rice at a Sichuan restaurant in Bristol.
This delicious soup was painfully good!

The Bristol Stable

All about pizza, meat pies, and cider, Stable is a great spot fuel up right in the centre of the action. With its amazing location right on the Harbourside, it is easy to find and the communal tables are perfect for socializing.

If you want to save money but want a prime spot, stop in here for their £6.50 lunch menu which includes a selection of pizza, wraps and salads.

Hours: Sun-Thurs 11-11 Fri/Sat 11-Midnight



This local favourite was recommended to us by nearly everyone we spoke to. Thankfully, although it was closed for Christmas break, it reopened a few days before we left Bristol; so we were able to give it a try. And are we ever glad.

Pinkmans is home of the amazing sour-dough-nut — a doughnut made with a sourdough base. They are individually hand rolled and fried then filled with different flavoured pastry cream, and topped with tasty garnishes. They have their staple flavours including Matcha Cookie and cream, as well as special seasonal flavours.

  • Hours: Mon-Weds 7:30-9pm/Thurs-Sat 7:30-10pm/Sun 8:30-6pm
  • Website
Sourdough doughnut from Pinkmans bakery. A round ball of fried dough topped with a crispy garnish.
The legendary Sourdoughnut from Pinkman’s

Swoon – For a Sweet Treat

They literally have gelato chefs!

Found on the lower end of Park Street across from the Bristol city council, and Cathedral, Swoon is a phenomenal spot to grab a cool treat.

The gelato is churned on site and is incredibly rich and smooth. Three of our favourites are the mango, clementine and pistachio. There are also 5 new monthly seasonal flavours of gelato and sorbetto.

Check out their Flavour Lab to see what they have this month.

Salt & Malt [Wapping Wharf Location]

What happens when a Michelin-starred chef decides to open up a fish and chip shop? You get the best fish and chips that we’ve ever tasted. This is not an exaggeration. Chef Josh Eggleton knocked it out of the park with this place. Nothing else comes remotely close.

Found on the ground floor of the new shipping container complex at Wapping Wharf, this small 30 seat restaurant serves award-winning fish and chips. With the first location, far away in the Chew Valley, this location is much more easily accessible. They serve only locally sourced, sustainable products so you can feel good about spending your hard earned dollars here and enjoy the best fish and chips Bristol (maybe the world?) has to offer.

  • Hours: Sun-Tues 12 – 8pm Wed-Sat 12 – 10pm
  • Website
Salt and Malt fish and chips with a side of mushy peas and some fried pickles.
The BEST Fish & Chips we’ve ever had!

Momo Bar

During our time in Nepal a few years back, we fell absolutely in love with momos; delicious dumplings spread through the region from the Tibetans.

Momo Bar is found at both the Harbourside and St. Nicholas Markets. Momo options include classics like chicken or beef to delicious veg options like mushroom & potato, and spinach & cheddar.

This great Bristol street food option has a small but flavourful menu that also features warm Tibetan Thukpa [a veggie or chicken stir-fry on handmade noodles], a Shapaleg [fried hand pies] with minced meat. We suggest going for the variety momos so you can try all the goodness! 

  • Hours Harbourside: Thursday 12-2:30pm Sat/Sun 11-4pm
  • Hours St Nicholas Market: Friday 11:30am – 2:30pm
  • Website
Foam plate with several Tibetan momo dumplings and sauce.
Delicious Tibetan Momos at the Bristol Harbour

The Bristolian – The Best Full English in Bristol

The Bristolian is a funky little restaurant with a bohemian vibe. Tucked away up in the graffiti-strewn Stokes Croft neighbourhood; this is where you’ll find the best brunch in Bristol.

Though we only visited for a morning meal, the daily menu also features fantastic bistro classics like burgers, tapas platters, and an ever-changing selection of salads. With an emphasis on locally-sourced products as well as high quality vegetarian and vegan options, the Bristolian is one of the most popular spots in town.

Stop by for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or even just a cocktail or craft cider on the cozy patio. And if you’re searching for the best full English breakfast in Bristol, look no further.

  • Hours: Tues – Sat 8-10:30pm Sun/Mon 8-5pm
  • Website
Plate with a full English breakfast from the famous Bristolian Cafe in Bristol.
Easily the Best Full English in Bristol

Eatchu – Japanese Gyoza Shop

This blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gyoza shop at St Nick’s Market serves up absolutely stellar, award-winning, handmade dumplings.

Eatchu began as a stall in the Harbourside Market and served only two options. Since moving to their permanent home nearby, their gyoza menu has doubled — to four. Don’t let the limited menu fool you though, the focus here is entirely on producing the best quality imaginable. And it shows. These are some of the most delicious gyoza we’ve ever tried.

Stop by for tasty options like free-range pork & garlic chive, and mushroom & leek. For a little extra, order them served with their famous soba noodles.

But be sure to get here early, because once they sell out for the day, they close up shop.

  • Hours: Thurs & Fri 11:30-3pm / Sat 12-4pm
  • Website
Japanese Gyozas covered in sauce in a cardboard takeaway container.
Proper Japanese Gyozas in Bristol

Wild Beer at the Wapping Wharf

The second of its kind in Bristol, the Wild Beer company is a local favourite. And quickly became one of ours as well. This busy restaurant at the Wapping Wharf features rotating taps serving some really incredible beer and cider. They really push the flavour spectrum here. We found some of the most interesting and delicious beer we’ve ever encountered.

However, the real reason we are writing about this place is the amazing food. Everything we ordered here was outstanding and we couldn’t recommend it more. So make sure to stop in here for a beer and stay for the food.

As they say “the menu changes with the seasons and [their] short attention spans”. But we visited several times during our time in Bristol, and every single thing we ate here blew us away.

  • Hours: Mon-Fri 12pm-11pm Sat/Sun 11am-11pm
  • Website


Pieminister’s famous pies are legendary to those familiar with them. Our first encounter was at their stall at Borough Market during our first visit to London many years ago. And we’ve been enjoying them whenever we have the chance.

Although they’ve expanded to cities across the UK, the shop that started it all still holds strong in Stokes Croft. Here you’ll find classic pies like Beef and Ale or Chicken and Tarragon. They also feature some of their own unique creations like the delicious goat cheese, sweet potato and spinach pie. Vegan and gluten-free options are available as well.

The tasty selection of craft beer and ciders on tap is simply an added bonus.

  • Hours: Mon-Thurs 11:30-10pm Fri/Sat 11:30 – 11pm Sun 11:30-9:30pm
  • Website
Small pie covered in mashed peas, cheese and onions from Pieminister Bristol.
Come Hungry.

Eat Well in Bristol!

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as the cliche goes. The concentration of amazing places to eat in Bristol is almost overwhelming. From nondescript pubs with delicious meat pies to street food carts and Michelin-starred dining rooms. Throw in the pop-up eateries and stalls that appear during festivals and seasonal events, and you’ve got yourself one hell of a food city.

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  2. I think I’ve said it before – reading your articles always makes me hungry! Bye bye diet! On a serious note, I have never considered Bristol as a destination, maybe I should think about it …… especially that Pinkman thingy made me extremely curious 🙂

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