Dinner by Heston: A Michelin-Starred Hangover

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This one time, in London, we spent over $300 to cure a hangover. It was quite possibly the best – and most expensive – lunch we’ve ever eaten. And it was worth every penny. Flashback to the previous evening. We went out for supper with our friend at Upstairs at the Ten Bells. It was a great meal in itself, but as it often happens, a meal turns into drinks. A couple hours later we find ourselves hanging out at …

Eating at the French Laundry

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Our first real introduction to the French Laundry was many years ago on Anthony Bourdain’s first show: A Cooks Tour. We’d browsed the legendary cookbook before, but at the time couldn’t really grasp it’s magnitude. At the time, the restaurant held the number one spot in the world, a concept that simple line cooks in culinary school couldn’t fathom. Fast forward nearly a decade, and Kylee drops one of the biggest surprises on me, several months before my birthday. Now, …

Wiener schnitzel with lemon on a blue plate

Authentic Wiener Schnitzel Recipe

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Vienna is easily one of our favourite cities in Europe. I was first introduced to the Austrian capital through Richard Linklater’s cinematic gem “Before Sunrise”. A film that not only captured my imagination, but also piqued my interest in travel — long before I’d ever considered it myself. Over two decades later, Kylee and I finally had the chance to visit. And while the city as a whole over-delivered more than I could have imagined, what truly stole our hearts …