Fish and Chips from one of the Best Restaurants in Bristol

The Best Restaurants in Bristol

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Bristol is one of our favourite cities in the world. Well-known for its fascinating history, laid-back locals, and a world-class street art scene; what caught us off-guard was the food. There is so much great food in Bristol! Whatever you fancy, from English classics to fiery Sichuan street food; these are some of the best restaurants Bristol has to offer! Our Favourite Bristol Restaurants Considering the money we were saving by housesitting during our visit, we ate everywhere we could. …

What to Eat in Romania: The Best Food and Drinks!

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When we first arrived in Romania, we didn’t know what to expect. Aside from a little history, some stories from friends, and a sprinkling of Dracula, we went in blind. As for what to eat in Romania, we were absolutely clueless. Thankfully, it wouldn’t take long to find out. Over our two month visit, we tasted as many traditional Romanian food items as we could find. If you’re heading to this fantastic country, we’ve compiled a list of traditional foods in …

Food being grilled over coals.

The Strangest Food We’ve Eaten Around the World

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We like food. A lot. It’s one of the most exciting aspects of travel for us. Ever since our first trip to Tokyo back in 2007 when we first arrived in a blurry haze of jet lag. We soon found ourselves sitting in a small, dimly lit dive bar on a quiet backstreet. A lady behind the bar handed us two beer and a small plate of something fried that we hadn’t ordered. It was seafood of some kind and …

Tapas and wine at a restaurant in Barcelona, Spain

A Quick and Simple Barcelona Foodie Guide

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Forget the architecture: Barcelona is a food city. Following our recent visit, we wanted to put together a quick guide to Barcelona food. There are so many amazing restaurants to check out in Barcelona. You could spend weeks in the city and hardly make a dent. With such an overwhelming list to choose from, we decided to narrow it down for you in our Barcelona Food Guide. So to help satisfy your culinary cravings, here are some of our favourite …

17 Must-Try Colombian Food and Drinks

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Prior to visiting the amazing country, we knew next to nothing about the cuisine in Colombia. It’s not often spoken of back home; even in the culinary world we’re used to. We assumed Colombian food would be much the same as what we experienced throughout Central America. Which, to be honest, fell a little flat after we left Mexico. Yet, many delicious treats surprised us on the other side of the Darien Gap. While this often deep-fried, meat and starch-loaded …

North Street Bristol’s Best Restaurants, Cafes and Pubs

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Before arriving in Bristol, North Street was simply part of an address where we’d be housesitting for a month. It was a street on a map, a short walk from Spike island and the Bristol harbour. The homeowners had assured us that we’d have no issue finding a place to eat nearby. This turned out to be a bit of an understatement. As it turned out, there are dozens of North Street Bristol restaurants – all within 20 minutes by …

A platter of chicken and rice surrounded by lettuce leaves

An Unexpected Jordanian Feast in Romania

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For the first time in nearly a year, we could see our breath. The weather was changing quickly and it was a cold morning as we walked to the bus station in Targu Mures. Though we weren’t entirely prepared for it, autumn was upon us. We had just spent the past couple of weeks adjusting to city life once again after our road trip through Maramures, as well as basking in some proper hotel life during this time. However, it …

Bowl of Authentic Hungarian Goulash on a table beside a glass of wine

Traditional Hungarian Goulash Recipe

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There are few things in life that are more satisfying than a rich, warm stew on a cold winter evening. And a good, proper Hungarian goulash is one of the greatest stews of all. Although we’ve tried many soupy, watered-down varieties of this in the past, it wasn’t until we had it done right, in a nondescript little basement restaurant in Budapest. The Importance of Quality Ingredients It’s no secret that the quality of ingredients you choose to use have …

Grey plate with a bread roll and a liver pate wrapped in bacon

Our Favourite Ostrava Restaurants [Where to Eat & Drink]

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During our time in Ostrava, a town in the eastern Czech Republic, we were fortunate enough to really dig into the local food and drink culture. During our brief visit, we were blown away by many Ostrava restaurants. From hip bistros to late-evening beer snacks, craft beer spots and underground cocktail bars, this town has an incredible food scene. A Little About Czech Cuisine Czech food is very Eastern European. Lots of meat, potatoes and bread. Vegetables, when they appear, …

Street Food Grilling

Eat Better, Eat Street Food

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We travel not only for personal experiences but for sensory stimulation. The sight of some architectural marvel, or the beautiful colours of a new landscape, or just the heavy warmth you feel on your body in the tropics – where your clothes never really dry. But above all else, one of the greatest aspects of travel for Kylee and I, are the tastes and smells of the local cuisine in a foreign land; and while there are plenty of restaurants …