Where to Eat in San Pedro Guatemala

The Best Restaurants in San Pedro la Laguna, Lake Atitlan

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Update Fall 2021: So happy to say that all of these fantastic restaurants are still open and thriving after the pandemic!

Being the backpacker capital of Lake Atitlan, San Pedro has a ton of restaurant options. Whether you’re looking for local places to eat, vibrant pubs to meet other travellers, or grab a familiar flavour from back home, you’ll likely find it at a restaurant in San Pedro. Since our last visit, we’ve updated this list with a few of our favourite places to eat from around the village, including some info for self-catering and a few extra tips for your visit!

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Where to eat in San Pedro la Laguna


This Israeli restaurant is one of our favourite new places to eat in San Pedro. It isn’t the cheapest spot on this list, but the food is entirely worth the money. Hell, it’s worth coming in here for the views alone!

The chicken schnitzel burger is amazing, and unless you’re coming in with a strong appetite, big enough to share.

Restaurant Idea Connection

This fantastic little Italian bakery and cafe is great for breakfast, or an afternoon of amazing coffee and pastries, at affordable prices. It also has a beautiful patio and makes freshly baked bread for the self-catering folk.

Shanti Shanti

This is another favourite for many travellers. There are two locations, one along the waterfront near Bar Sublime, and another (where we ate), near the Tz’unun’ Ya’ Museum. The food is decent and the prices are very reasonable.

Plate with fried falafels and salad, with tortillas on the side at a Lake Atitlan restaurant
Delicious Falafel from Shanti Shanti

The Clover

We passed this restaurant many times daily, but didn’t pop in until a local expat we know recommended it. The mango chicken rolls with bacon and cheese sounded so bizarre, and the description wouldn’t sell us normally.

However, based on the suggestion, we gave it a try – and it was delicious. Different, but delicious!


Right on the waterfront, northeast of the main dock, this simple taco shop has cheap food, cold beer, and lovely views over the lake. At Q15 for three delicious tacos, you can’t go wrong.

Make sure to order the Chorizo Tacos!

Two plates of tacos, two bowls of sauces, and some beer from a Mexican restaurant in Guatemala
Mouth-watering Tacos for CHEAP!

Vegan Restaurant in San Pedro, Lake Atitlan

The Fifth Dimension

The Fifth Dimension has great options for vegans and vegetarians. It’s been a mainstay for the veg community at Lake Atitlan for years now, and doesn’t seem to be losing steam. We popped in when a few friends who were based in San Marcos crossed the lake for a visit.

The prices are a little higher than some of the more budget places but are absolutely worth it. From flatbreads and wraps to fresh smoothies, if you’re on a plant-based diet, this place is for you. And if you aren’t, it’s still an outstanding restaurant!

Flatbread pizza with avocado on a wooden table from a vegan restaurant at lake Atitlan.
Vegetarian Flatbread from Fifth Dimension
Photo Courtesy Fifth Dimension

American-style BBQ at Lake Atitlan

Smokin Joe’s

Sunday BBQ! This one is worth breaking the budget for, every Sunday Smokin Joes’ does American-style BBQ with all the sides. You pick your meat (or veggie option) and leave your name. They grill it up right on the spot and call your name when it’s ready. When you pick it up, you then load up on an amazing selection of side dishes from salads and garlic bread to baked beans and mac and cheese.

Although sharing isn’t allowed, you can take all afternoon and tackle the massive platter of awesome. With a full bar and relaxing pool, you can definitely make a day of it. The prices range from a quarter chicken 50Q to smoked brisket 80Q and surf n turf for 120Q.

Three plates, two full of bbq meat, the other with sides. Two beers on the table.
This Feast!

Street Food in San Pedro

Throughout the day, stalls pop up around town selling different kinds of street snacks. Typically in the afternoon, you’ll find charcoal-grilled meats served in buns with a selection of sauces. When evening rolls around, head up near the market to find a bunch of carts selling everything from grilled meat and veggies to an assortment of fried goodies.

Self Catering in San Pedro, la Laguna

The main market has a great selection local staples at great prices. Walk up from either of the docks and you’ll eventually stumble across it near the top of the town. It spills out into the street, so you can’t miss it. Here you’ll find all the basics like beans, rice, produce and meat.

Just up the road from the market, you’ll find a small shop called Andy’s. For most of your other general goods, this is your cheapest bet. If you’re looking for soups, sauces, spices, pasta, snacks, or dairy, Andy’s is the place.

Pro Tip:Andy’s is also the cheapest beer in town at three cans of Brahva for Q10. If you find cheaper in San Pedro, please let us know! If you’ve got accommodation with a fridge, you’re set!

Speaking of drinks, a Guatemalan speciality called Quetzalteca is not only cheap but quite tasty. It’s a locally made sweet liquor that comes in a variety of flavours including hibiscus and tamarind. You can’t pass Guatemala without trying it.

Two bottles of Guatemalan liquor with colourful labels.
Quetzalteca is a Guatemalan Specialty

For speciality items, Salud Para Vida is the place to go. From imported items such as Thai curries and European condiments to meat and dairy substitutes, the selection is incredible! They also bake fresh, gluten-free breads that sell out quickly, so be sure to get there early.

As well, delicious vegetarian, vegan and gluten free foods can be found in their attached cafe. Expect to find things like lentil sausages, quinoa and beet burgers, and tasty salads.

Pro Tip:Make sure to try the chocolate peanut butter squares, they are 25Q each and are amazing, you can’t leave San Pedro without trying one. We met a couple on a visa run from Mexico who came here specifically for this snack.

Lake Atitlan healthfood storefront on a street.
Vegan Cafe and Specialty Food Shop in San Pedro

Butcher Shop at Lake Atitlan

If you’re looking to pick up some proper meat, outside of what’s available at the market, Smokin’ Joes is your place. The same butcher that throws the incredible Sunday BBQ also has a shop that sells all kinds of meat, including hard-to-find items like smoked bacon and Virginia ham.

They also have various imported items such as sauces, soups, and pickles; and a fairly decent cheese selection. As well, they have some kitchen supplies, like knives and other gadgets.

Enjoy, and Eat Well!

Whether you’re stopping in for a quick afternoon visit, spending several months here studying Spanish, or just getting lost in the good vibes: you will eat well in San Pedro la Laguna!

And remember, no matter where you’re going, regardless of how safe you play, anything can happen. We never travel without travel insurance, and we suggest you travel the same!

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