Red bus with flashy decals and stickers passing a blue building. This is one of the buses that can take you from Antigua to Panajachel

The Famous Central American Chicken Bus

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Taking local transport while travelling is one of our favourite ways to really experience a destination. It’s far more than simply a mode of transport, it’s en experience. And the legendary chicken buses of Central America are some of the best in the world. There are few experiences like taking a chicken bus. For many backpackers, it’s a right of passage, even a badge of honour, to travel this way. They’re not just exciting, they’re affordable. And, much like visiting …

Colourful bowls with several different ingredients in them

More than Pupusas: The Best Food in El Salvador

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There’s a long-running misconception about Salvadorian food that the only thing they’re known for is pupusas. And while this national dish is arguably the most popular food in El Salvador — especially when it comes to a cheap snack — they have far more to offer. During our time in the country, we’ve had the opportunity to try a huge variety of different foods. Some of the best food in El Salvador ranges from unique takes on neighbouring cuisines to traditional dishes …

Store front in San Miguel El Salvador

Where to Eat and What to Do in San Miguel, El Salvador

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To most travellers, and some Salvadorians, San Miguel is nothing more than a stopping point between other destinations. Many find themselves here on their way from San Salvador to the beaches of El Cuco, or as an access point heading to or coming from Nicaragua. Few ever stay longer than what’s required to catch their next bus. I’ve even heard one refer to it so eloquently as the armpit of El Salvador, due to its thick heat and lack of …

Volcano in El Salvador. Travel Guide

The Ultimate Backpacking El Salvador Travel Guide

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“Don’t Skip El Salvador.” It’s a slogan found all over the tiny country, grasping at the tourism market that seems to have passed it by. Wedged between three rapidly growing destinations of Central America: Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua; the smallest of the group is often overlooked by travellers. Having spent nearly two months backpacking El Salvador, over multiple visits, we’ve decided to help shed some light. Let us help you explore this fascinating little nation with this El Salvador travel …

Damaged helecopter and guns from Salvadorian Civil War

Taking a Salvadorian Civil War Tour in Suchitoto

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Like so many developing nations throughout the world, El Salvador’s recent history has been tarnished by civil war. For over a decade, guerrilla militias took to the jungles and battled the military-backed government in a horrifically violent affair. Over 80,000 Salvadorians were slaughtered during the conflict, and a further half-million fled the country. While visiting the highland town of Suchitoto, I had the opportunity to wander the precarious landscape of former guerrilla camps. And visited the jungles that, just 30 …

White colonial church behind a fountain in El Salvador

What to Do in Suchitoto, El Salvador

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Suchitoto is one of the most charming towns in all of El Salvador. Surrounded by dense jungle and a massive lake, its tranquil scenery makes it the perfect place to escape the chaos of San Salvador. And it also happens to be one of the most well-preserved colonial cities in the country.  Nature and architecture aside, Suchitoto is also quite important historically. The village and surrounding landscape was a focal point during the Salvadorian civil war of the 1980s. There …

Colourful graffiti with the word "sivar" in San Salvador. City centre is one of the best thing to do in San Salvador

What to Do in San Salvador: A City Changing

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San Salvador. The name alone invokes an air of unease for many, myself included prior to my first visit. And while it still has some way to go before it’s a highlight on the world travel scene, there are still many great things to do in San Salvador. For years, San Salvador remained near the top of every “most dangerous city” list. Today, however, things in the capital are changing faster than many can follow. A newly restored city centre …

Sunset over a beach. One of the best beaches in El Salvador

The Best Beaches in El Salvador

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El Salvador is known for many things: volcanoes, civil war, pupusas, and coffee to name a few. But the biggest draw to this Central American gem, by far, is the selection of awe-inspiring beaches. Given its jagged coastline, there are dozens of very different yet equally stunning El Salvador beaches, often just a few minutes’ drive apart. After many weeks travelling this country and exploring its gorgeous coast, we’ve put together this list of the best beaches in El Salvador! Perhaps …

Crumbling pillars of a ruined building at sunset in Santa Ana El Salvador

Santa Ana, El Salvador: What You Need to See, Do and Eat

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Santa Ana is El Salvador’s second-largest city and has some of the most well-preserved colonial architecture in the country. It’s conveniently located between San Salvador and the Ruta de las Flores, and is a short drive from the Guatemalan border. Because of this, Santa Ana is a popular base for many travellers exploring the region. Like many cities in El Salvador, it’s still fairly new to tourism. Yet despite its somewhat “rough around the edges” vibe and armed guards aplenty, …

Colourful building front with green shutters and graffiti flowers in the Ruta de Flores

The Ruta de las Flores, El Salvador: A Comprehensive Guide

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The Ruta de las Flores is arguably one of the most magical regions in El Salvador. Tucked away in the western highlands, this scenic destination is one of the most popular places in the country. The long, winding road snakes along lush green hillsides and coffee plantations, connecting the colourful towns that dot the countryside. During spring, vibrant flowers bloom in every colour along the route — giving la Ruta de las Flores its name. In the distance, volcanoes stand …