Empty baggage carousel at the airport. What to do if you need to deal with Aeromexico lost luggage

Has AeroMexico Lost your Luggage? Here’s What to Do!

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We arrived red-eyed and exhausted into Guatemala City, after 16 hours of travel paired with a good amount of airport beers. Clearing customs is a breeze, and we’re excited to get this trip going. As we reach the baggage claim, it appears that one of our bags isn’t on the carousel. We’re frantic, searching the entire baggage claim area. But the truth quickly sank in, somewhere en route, AeroMexico lost our luggage.

Does this sound familiar?

Whether you’re flying with AeroMexico or any other airline, bags go missing. And while this post is focused specifically towards one company, the tips in this post are relatively universal. As well, during our research, we found that this seems to happen quite often with AeroMexico. So if you’ve just lost your luggage after flying with AeroMexico, we’ll help you get reunited with your bags.

First of all, I should be very clear. This is not an attack at AeroMexico whatsoever. While it seems this is not an uncommon theme with this airline, lost luggage may be entirely out of their control. Likely, this issue happens simply due to the often busy and chaotic airports they tend to fly through.

In fact, during our time dealing with them with our situation, everyone was very pleasant and helpful.

These are the steps to take if your luggage has gone missing in transit, but before we get there, you need to stay calm. You’re probably freaking out – we certainly were. But the most important thing to do before taking any of the following steps is by taking a deep breath and calming down.

The best way to get the worst customer service is to be upset and aggressive towards the ones who can help you.

Log the Lost Luggage at the Airport Baggage Claim

Head to the booth of the airline in which you last flew. Even if your flight involved several airlines, the one responsible for your luggage is the final airline on your journey.

 For example, in our situation, our first flight was with WestJet. Then we connected to AeroMexico in Vancouver. Our bags, however, were tagged for the entire duration. Even though multiple airlines were involved, AeroMexico is responsible because they were the final airline.

  • Note: Always check what the final destination of your luggage is before checking it. Sometimes you may need to claim your bags and re-check them during a layover, depending on the country and how the flight was booked.

At the desk, mention that your bag has not arrived, and they will have you fill out a form. This will include details such as flight number, a description of your luggage, and contact info. They’ll also attach your baggage claim tag sticker (that you received when you checked your bag).

Make sure you keep this paper, it is the most important part.

At this point, there is no real need to stay at the airport. Check into your hotel or hostel, grab a cold beer, and continue from there.

AeroMexico Baggage Tracking

Depending on the airport you landed in, the baggage claim may or may not have provided you with a baggage tracking number. This is the number they get after entering all of your information into the lost baggage system. In Guatemala City, for example, there is an additional security point between baggage claim and the exit. So we had to receive our tracking number a little later.

The fastest way to contact AeroMexico is through their Facebook page. Message AeroMexico and talk to the bot. Select the option to get a real human on the line to ask them all of the questions. It might take some time, but they will eventually respond.

You will need to ask for your file reference number to put into their system to find out the tracking of your bag. They will ask you for all of the information on the sheet provided by the baggage handler at the airport, then they will provide you with a 10 digit file reference number. Write this on the top of that very important sheet of paper they gave you at the airport. This number will be your lifeline for your bag.

If you don’t have Facebook, don’t worry, we have a couple of other contact methods a little later on.

Paperwork from AeroMexico to track lost baggage
This is what you’ll get from the airport. DO NOT LOSE

Tracking Your Bag

Head to aeromexico.com and click on more (top right of the page), and a drop-down menu will appear. Click on travel information. Scroll down and click on baggage, then click track lost baggage.

It will bring you down the page, click on Track Your Baggage. You will need to input the 10 digit tracking code you received when filling out the form, or from AeroMexico afterwards, as well as your last name. The code is 5 letters followed by 5 numbers.

Click submit.

A page will open to your claim, and will say any information you gave the person at the airport when submitting your claim.

You can update this information by clicking on the tab “email my airline.” Add your email address and add absolutely everything you can think of about your bag. Give the colour, weight, brand, material, style and any other identifying markers you can. 

It will only give you so many characters, so add the outside description first, then in a separate email add the inside contents that make your bag stand out. This is important just in case the baggage tag fell off and they need to identify the inside contents to make sure the bag is yours.

Screenshot of AeroMexico lost baggage tracking
This is where you track your luggage

AeroMexico Compensation

Get on WhatsApp and message AeroMexico at +52 1 55 5133 4000. This is the method we used, but you should be able to do this part through Facebook as well.

It will be another bot, so type English, then type Human. Then explain your luggage story and tell them you are looking for compensation.

They will open a new claim for you attached to your claim number given to you in the first step (the 10 digit code)

This will make sure you get compensation for what you will have to buy temporarily while they locate your bag (toiletries, underwear, etc.). Remember that most companies won’t give compensation until your bag was lost for more then 24 hours.

They will ask for your name, phone number, email. Then you will receive an email from someone telling you the next steps to your compensation and how much you will be able to get per day of your missing luggage. They will then ask for the following items:

  • A picture of the baggage tag;
  • A picture of the baggage claim paper;
  • A copy of your itinerary;
  • A picture of your passport.

In the next email, they will ask you to send a photo of the front side of your credit card (if AMEX, cover the 4 digit code on the front).

Then they will send you an email for how much you will receive on your card for compensation.

Never Travel without Insurance!
We’ve been using World Nomads for our travel insurance for years. And they were incredibly helpful when our luggage was lost.

Contact Your Travel Insurance

This part isn’t entirely necessary at this point, but it doesn’t hurt.

If you bought insurance before your trip, use this info. If you didn’t buy insurance, read here why you should next time, then skip to the VERY IMPORTANT next step.

Contact whoever your provider is and let them know your situation. Ask about what kind of compensation they have to offer, and what is required. Typically, there will be some money available for anything you have to purchase in the short term. This doesn’t cover hotels or transport but will cover the cost of any clothing you need to buy.

On a side note, during this time, Keep all of your receipts. All of them, from taxis and accommodation, to food, clothing, and any other things you needed.

It all depends on your insurance provider and the plan you have, but you may be compensated for much more than you realize. But likely not without proof.

Also, take a clear photograph of your luggage tracking sheet from the airport. This will ultimately be exchanged for the bag upon its return, so it’s a good idea to have a copy of it in case your insurance asks for it. And it wouldn’t hurt to save any emails or messages between yourself and the airline.

Check and Update Often

This step is very important.

Check for updates on your lost luggage tracking regularly. Although they’re supposed to email you with any updates, it isn’t always the case. Sign in every couple hours or so to see if there are any changes to your tracking. This is especially important if you’re moving around during the process. Because when they do find your bag (and they usually do), they might send a driver with it before contacting you.

<strong>In our situation, we had initially only planned on staying in Antigua for our first night in Guatemala. However, because of the baggage situation, we stayed. Unfortunately, the hostel we had booked only had availability for that one night. In the luggage tracker, we had that hostel as our contact and delivery point.

When we changed hostels the next day, we made sure to note this change on the tracker. However, when the bag was finally located on the third day, a driver was already on his way with it from Guatemala City – heading to our previous hostel. The only way we knew this was when checking the online tracker, it mentioned the bag was on its way. There was no phone call or email notifying us. 

Thankfully, we were able to contact the driver (with a number listed on the tracking update) and have him deliver the bag to our new hostel.

When your bag arrives, you will need to exchange your initial claim sheet and sign a paper saying it was delivered.

Lost baggage sign in an airport.
Keep calm, and stay focused. Baggage is almost always located!

AeroMexico Contact Number, and Other Methods of Reaching Them

What seems to be one of the biggest complaints of those dealing with AeroMexico lost luggage, is the inability to speak with anyone. And I completely get it, you already feel helpless without your things, and you’re sitting around waiting to find some news. Yet every number you call, it seems like a dead end.

After much trial and error, these are the contact methods that ultimately worked for us.

But please, please be calm while dealing with anyone you speak to. As angry and stressed as you probably are, it isn’t the fault of the person on the other end. And directing your frustrations at the person on the other end of the line will not help you.

Also, like all good things in life, when they become abused, they often disappear. If these contact methods suddenly get an increased number of angry people, it won’t be long before the numbers are changed.

AeroMexico Contact Numbers:

These are the three numbers that worked best for us. If you are from outside North America, the best way to track down a local AeroMexico number is through the website of an airport they fly out of.

  • Canada: +1 800-237-6639
  • U.S.A.: +1 800-237-6639
  • Mexico: +52 55-9132-6066
  • WhatsApp: +52 1 55 5133 4000

Email: atomexlostfound@aeromexico.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AeromexicoNA/

Be Patient…

Everyone we spoke with, whether with airlines or not, told us that lost luggage usually takes 24-48 hours to be located. Then it needs to be flown to your location, which takes additional time.

This is almost exactly how it worked for us, so if you don’t hear anything within the first day or so, don’t panic. Just keep checking the tracker, and try to make the most of this unfortunate experience.

Good luck, and let us know how it turned out!

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Cory Daniel Edmunds
1 year ago

I know what I would do…PANIC!!!!!!

11 months ago

When I asked to write the baggage claim. they just told me just leave your phone number then they would contact me when found my baggage. But should be careful and must write the baggage claim.
Even though I wrote the baggage claim, they didn’t deliver it to my home. The reason was I left my baggage at the airport(they lied)

11 months ago
Reply to  Jimmy

They asked us to leave our phone number too, but never called. They just ended up delivering it to the wrong address…
Such a terrible way to treat their clients. Aero Mexico has so many missing baggage claims…

27 days ago

Hey there ! I have recently landed in Cancun with Aeromexico and my suitcase is also delayed… They told me it could arrive the same day or next day but it’s been 42 hours now and still no news. Tracking website says it’s still being searched. How long in total did you wait for your suitcase ? From the moment you reported until it was at your doorstep ?

27 days ago
Reply to  Yumi

Hello, we waited about 4 days to get contacted. Did you report it and track it? You have to keep an eye on the tracking. Make sure that you stay in the same accommodation as you put when you landed and reported it to the baggage claim, they will bring it to that place.