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Bratislava; It Should Have Been Amazing…

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The unfortunate fact about life is that sometimes it doesn’t play out the way you’d like. Even in the beautiful old city of Bratislava, one can have a less than pleasurable experience. This is especially true when it comes to long-term, budget travel. Sometimes these negative vibes come from the overcrowding of some once-idyllic beach. Perhaps it’s the tourist hordes at some beautiful monument you’ve been dying to photograph. Other times, however, it’s subtle things, many of which add up …

Stone street with colourful architecture.

How We Spent 3 Days in Warsaw, Poland

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We found ourselves in Poland almost completely unplanned; our visit was completely due to costs. The reason we’d been in Europe in the first place was to attend a conference in Ostrava, in the eastern Czech Republic. The cheapest way for us to fly into this region was via Poland. So simply in a stroke of luck, we found ourselves in a fascinating new city we hadn’t even planned on visiting. And because we flew in early, we 3 days …

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Relaxation at the Miura Hotel in the Czech Republic

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Located on the edge of Čeladná, in the Beskid mountains of the Czech Republic, sits the funky and ultra-modern Miura Hotel. Recently, while exploring this region of the country, we had the opportunity to pop in for a few hours and see what they had to offer. Little did I know prior to arrival, was how rewarding it would be. Although we try to stay as active as possible while on the road, sometimes we still find ourselves slightly underprepared. …

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House Sitting in Epsom, England

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Chances are you’ve never heard of magnesium sulphate. It’s much more likely you know it by its common name: Epsom salts. Now, other than one of the earliest discoveries of this compound being discovered in the town of Epsom, this is the last we’ll be talking about that. We rolled into Epsom on the Southwestern Rail train from Waterloo station just before noon. I think it was noon, our phone said so at least. For Kylee and I, it could …

How to Get to Guatape from Medellin

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My lungs burned and I was far too sweaty for this early in the morning. I should have eaten more than a bunuelo for breakfast. 475… Only 200 more steps to go. Aside from the realization that I’ve become incredibly out of shape over the passed two months, the view from up here is stunning. The colourful town of Guatape is a tiny scattering of buildings in the distance. 500… If you’re just looking for information on how to get …

Medellin Love

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I’ve fallen in love with cities in the past, but never this quickly. Bangkok took a bit of time, upon our second visit we finally dove into what she had to offer. Montreal happened much faster. With Seoul, the depth of love wasn’t realized until we’d left. Edmonton of course, our hometown, goes without saying. However, within the first day of arriving in Medellin, with it’s cool air and laid-back vibe, It’s clear. I’m in love with this city. Following …

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Spending A Few Days in San Jose, Costa Rica

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An Easy Arrival Being budget travellers, our typical means of transportation is often questionable at best. And while we’ve definitely upped our standards over the years, we certainly don’t travel in luxury. The journey from Granada back in Nicaragua, to San Jose, Costa Rica is in the ballpark of 8-10 hours; and considering our last day of transit involving border crossings, we decided that this time we’d spoil ourselves. Already drenched with sweat following the half-hour walk under Granada’s hot …

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How to Get from El Tunco to Leon; or: Travel is the Worst

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*Updated January 2019 This is an account of one of many such journeys throughout our years of travel. Although experiences are rarely so interesting as this one, from time to time, travel days don’t always go as far as expected or planned. Our recent trip via bus from El Tunco to Leon (El Salvador to Nicaragua), is one such experience. Skip to the Tips! Though the bulk of this post is a story of our day/evening/night/morning, if you’re planning this …